J. George Gorant.

The World’s First Flying Motorcycle Could Hit the Skies by the End of the Decade

But Mayman Aerospace’s bonkers mega-drones will be here faster. The inventor of the Speeder jet bike and Jetpack has pivoted into the military market, planning to apply that tech to its civilian projects

By J. George Gorant


The First Electric Aeroplane That You Can Fast-Charge Is Coming

Diamond Aircraft’s eDA40 can be recharged in about 20 minutes.

By J. George Gorant


Restomods For The Skies

This company restores old retro biplanes with contemporary power and avionics.

By J. George Gorant


Forget Air Taxis. Personal Flying Saucers Are Coming

The Zeva Zero is a one-person, disc-shaped eVTOL.

By J. George Gorant


Bombardier’s New Jet Comes With ‘Zero-Gravity’ Seating

The Challenger 3500 comes with Covid-influenced design elements abound.

By J. George Gorant


Two Exciting New Helicopters Debuted At The Dubai Airshow

Aviation’s most important cross-technology platform rolled out new aircraft this week.

By J. George Gorant


These 3 Air Racing Series Could Spark The Next Electric Revolution

Racing is a way to fast-track development and interest by the general public.

By J. George Gorant


What First-Class Flying Looks Like Now

The front-of-plane experience is returning stronger than ever, with new routes, booking options and amenities.

By J. George Gorant


A New Reusable Rocket Ship

Designed to fly multiple daily missions, Dawn Aerospace’s Mk-II introduces a concept of true sustainability to the space race.

By J. George Gorant


This Hybrid Boat-Plane Flies Over The Water

The EP-15 uses ground effect to fly above the surface.

By J. George Gorant


Forget Supersonic, Hypersonic Jets Are The Future

The Hermeus jet has a projected top speed of Mach 5.5—or 6790km/h—making it the fastest reusable jet on the planet.

By J. George Gorant



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