Asia Just Got a New Luxury Airliner, Here’s What It’s Like Onboard

Starlux wants to be “the Emirates of Asia,” but those are pretty big shoes to fill. We take a roundtrip flight from San Francisco to Taipei to sort reality from hype.

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Acquiring a Private Jet Mindset

Jet travel is fast becoming an of-the-moment business necessity.

By Robb Report Staff


More Wealthy Travelers Are Opting for Fractional Private-Jet Ownership

Flights on fractional aircraft grew 5.2 percent from the beginning of the year through September.

By Tori Latham


This Bonkers 80-Metre Superyacht Houses A Glamorous Grecian Beach Club

The five-deck vessel also sports an infinity pool, cinema, and sky lounge.

By Rachel Cormack


Soon You’ll Be Able To Fly From Sydney To London In Two Hours

A minor detour into space could let you travel from Sydney to London in just two hours, with a new study claiming supersonic flights might be ready for lift-off within the next decade.

By Rachel Cormack


Soon You Can Enjoy A Relaxing Trip Into Space Via Hot Air Balloon

Forget heart-thumping G-force rocket trips into the stratosphere. The rest of us will soon be able to enjoy a leisurely eight-hour flight complete with cocktails.

By Jaclyn Trop


This Hypersonic Plane Flys From New York To Tokyo In An Hour

Texas-based Venus Aerospace is working with rotating-detonation propulsion technology to turn the “Stargazer” from sci-concept to Mach-9 business jet that flies at 11110km/h.

By Michael Verdon


7 eVTOLs Will Take To The Skies In The Next Two Years

Most of these electric air taxis are being flight tested, preparing for the first revolution in air travel since the commercial jet.

By Jaclyn Trop


Private Jet Concept Has Stretchy Interiors To Maximise Comfort

After 3 years in the making, the F/List prototype maximises the passenger experience via multifunctional furniture.

By Jaclyn Trop


The World’s Fastest eVTOL Is Here

Alauda’s Airspeeder MK-4, which promises a top speed of 360 km/h, will be used for racing.

By Michael Verdon


Why eVTOL Start-Ups And Automakers Are Teaming Up Like Never Before

From Joby Aviation to Porsche, the motorized collaborations trade cash and tech for a glimpse into advanced designs.

By Jaclyn Trop


This Bonkers eVTOL Concept Parks By Sticking To The Side Of Skyscrapers

The Z2 shares the first-generation Zeva Zero’s saucer shape, but will be more efficient and faster.

By Michael Verdon



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