Forget Day Boats. These Sleek Inflatable Tenders Want to Become Your New High-Seas Cruiser

From stealth profiles to surprisingly lavish appointments, launches from Sacs Marine to Lomac are gaining popularity.

This New 279-Foot Gigayacht Concept Comes With Its Own Revolving Lounge

“Project Life” wants to reinvent onboard living by reinterpreting many givens of yacht design. The builder also announced other cutting-edge projects at the Monaco Yacht Show.

By Michael Verdon


This New 33-Foot Hybrid Tender Is A DeLorean On The High Seas

The Gladius Gullwing Limousine is fitted with stylish gullwing doors.

By Rachel Cormack


This Bonkers Sailing Yacht Features A Tilting Mast

The 41-metre vessel also has a garage that can store a tender, submarine, and other water toys.

By Rachel Cormack


The Best Yachting Destination Is One You Haven’t Heard Of

Forget the Caribbean and the Côte d’Azur. Stay off the beaten sea with these underrated—and under-travelled—destinations.

By Julia Zaltzman


This Eco-Conscious 44-Metre Yacht Is Made With Recycled Materials

Eggshells, fishing nets, and grass are incorporated into the design.

By Rachel Cormack


This 70-Metre Superyacht Is Designed To Resemble A Giant Flame

The vessel also sports a sharp, tapered bow to help it slice through the waves.

By Rachel Cormack


This 37-Metre Superyacht Features A Pool-Sized Jacquzzi

Designed to multi-generational use, Queen Tati focuses on a simpler way of living on the water. Call it rustic elegance.

By Howard Walker


This 50-Metre Superyacht Is A 7755 kW Speed Demon

With exterior styling inspired by rakish 1930s Italian sports cars, it looks as fast as it goes.

By Howard Walker


This 50-Metre Superyacht Is A Private Jet For The Sea

The sleek newcomer is equipped with a pool, a Jacuzzi, and a swim platform, too.

By Rachel Cormack


This 88-Metre Superyacht Embodies Contemporary Art Deco Principles

Christian Leyk’s new cruiser has a sleek Art Deco aesthetic akin to New York’s iconic Chrysler Building.

By Julia Zaltzman



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