Record-breaking 1109-carat Lesedi La Rona diamond becomes jewellery you can own

Graff is transforming the massive gem into wearable designs.

By Carolyn Meers


Driftwood and Ferns Take the Spotlight as Jewellery

Mundane earthly materials become extraordinary works of art at the hands of Mish.

By Carolyn Meers


10 most iconic jewellery designers of the 20th Century

Vintage jewellery expert Lee Siegelson breaks down the must-know jewelry designers from the last century.

By Carolyn Meers


Argyle Alpha is largest-ever vivid pink diamond

Rio Tinto debuts the largest diamond of its kind in Sydney.

By Carolyn Meers


The Boghossian bracelet seven years in the making just broke sales records

Boghossian’s Manuscript colored diamond bracelet sets a new world record.

By Carolyn Meers


Legendary Farnese Blue Diamond sells at auction for $6.7 million

Sotheby’s has sold the historic gem, which has been passed down through royal families for 300 years.

By Carolyn Meers


Do’s and don’ts of gifting jewellery on Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner questions and hesitations often abound — hearts or no hearts? Ring or bracelet? Diamond or ruby?

By Carolyn Meers


Thirteen statement pieces for the jewellery lover

Because exquisite jewellery is always the right present.

By Carolyn Meers


The Raj Pink, the world’s largest pink diamond, is up for auction

Called the Raj Pink, this intense stone weighs in at a hefty 37.3 carats.

By Carolyn Meers


Ten eternally on-trend rings from top designers

Fashion trends change with every season; luckily, you can rock these iconic ring designs year-round.

By Carolyn Meers


Bulgari unveils vibrant new Festa collection

Colourful new jewellery that evokes la dolce vita.

By Carolyn Meers


The perfect Foil for the hard-to-please skier

An Italian designer’s custom skis pair high performance with panache.

By Carolyn Meers



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