Flying private
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Enjoy the ultimate in comfort and luxury and arrive in style on a private jet charter or hire—the preferred method of travel for time-crunched professionals and high-profile adventurers.


Private Jet for Leisure

For commuting or exploring, chartering a private jet allows you and your friends and family to travel in peerless luxury, while providing optimal comfort and privacy. For those who value the journey just as much as the destination, private jet hire is the ideal way to travel.

Whether it’s a weekend ski trip in New Zealand or a lengthy sojourn around Europe, our network of private jets contains something for every holiday, getting you and your loved ones to your destination in unparalleled comfort with minimal fuss. Access to private terminals ensures you avoid the hustle and bustle of busy airports and security queues, letting you arrive at your destination relaxed and well-rested.

Private Jet for Work

Private jet is the preferred method of travel for many successful companies and working professionals. In addition to the time-saving convenience, flexibility, and premium experience private jet charter offers, it also enables executives, senior management, and key personnel to accommodate tight schedules and continue to attend meetings while travelling.

With a unparalleled access and global reach to thousands of aircraft worldwide, our team is able to select the right private jet for your company’s needs.

November 7-10, 2024
Melbourne Cup 2024

Attend Australia’s most iconic horse racing event in peerless style, with limousine transfer to a VIP airport terminal before stepping into your own private jet for a luxurious breakfast in the clouds before a swift touchdown. Helicopter in and out of the racecourse. Trackside, revel in the energy and elegance trackside at the Melbourne Cup.

March 3 – 18, 2024
Whitsundays 2024

Scattered off the coast of Queensland, the 74 islands of the Whitsundays promise relaxation and adventure in equal measure. Explore the paradisaic archipelago with ease by private jet. With the itinerary tailored to your desires, explore the underwater world by snorkelling or traverse the trails of the emerald isles.

July 30 – August 20, 2024
Uluru 2024

Uncover one of the wonders of the world with impossible ease by private jet. A spectacular natural formation and an important spiritual landmark, discover the beauty and history behind Uluru. Whether you choose to explore the surrounding terrain by camelback, dine under the stars or accompany a traditional custodian on a walk, there’s an experience to suit every taste.

Benefits & Trust
Access to remote areas

Remote locations, difficult to reach with scheduled carriers, can more easily be accessed by business aircraft. Similarly, our charter helicopter services provide access to remote destinations or congested urban areas lacking an airport.

Security, discretion and privacy

Optimal safety and the protection of proprietary information are ensured on a private flight.

Itinerary flexibility

Business aircraft travel is the quickest means of commuting and reducing flying times. Flight plans can be altered en route to accommodate meeting schedule changes.

Private environment

Be contactable at all times, with almost the entire flight time available to conduct business in a congenial, undisturbed environment. Executive briefings before or between meetings can be held in absolute privacy.

Guaranteed peace of mind

No need to wait for scheduled flights, baggage or deal with congested airports.


Robb Report AU jets operate to stringent safety standards, with our pilots individually vetted to meet our requirements. Our aircraft are maintained and serviced according to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements in approved service centres.

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