Larry Bean.

The world’s seven smallest business jets

Like sports cars of the sky, these aircraft are speedy and stylish — but not necessarily spacious.

By Larry Bean


World’s first production flying car to appear at Farnborough

Certification and deliveries of the three-wheeled Pal-V Liberty gyroplane are still at least two years away.

By Larry Bean


Aura to offer a private-jet experience at business-class prices

The cabins of the Florida company’s redesigned regional airliners will feature zero-gravity seats, OLED displays, and virtual-reality entertainment.

By Larry Bean


The fascinating story of the father of fractional jet ownership

Richard Santulli developed a mathematical model that gives clients the benefits of jet ownership without all the costs.

By Larry Bean


Bombardier introduces two new long-range business jets and announces range increase for 7500

The Global 5500 and Global 6500 will join the ultralong-range Global 7500, formerly known as the Global 7000.

By Larry Bean


The five best new aircraft cabin innovations

See a selection of the winners and finalists from this year’s Crystal Cabin Award for the best new aircraft cabin innovations.

By Larry Bean


Bird? Plane? No, the Samson Switchblade is a flying sports car

It may still be listed as an ‘experimental aircraft’ but that has not lessened the interest in the intriguing Switchblade.

By Larry Bean


Take the plunge in good company with this superyacht-ready sub

The sub seats up to seven people and reaches depths of up to 1000 feet.

By Larry Bean


For sale: the world’s first flying car

By unfolding the blades, which are bundled on the roof in drive mode, you can convert the Pal-V Liberty into a gyroplane in about 10 minutes.

By Larry Bean


What’s the real cost of flying on an airline instead of a private jet?

A new calculator computes the monetary value of the hours saved when you fly on a business jet instead of an airliner.

By Larry Bean


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