What will Meghan Markle’s wedding band look like?

We asked two top luxury jewellers for their take on the wedding of the year.

By Natasha Lee 18/04/2018

From the very beginning of their relationship, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have done things their way. Of course, there have been the occasional (and necessary) nods to tradition, but despite the heavy history of The House of Windsor hanging over them, the couple have managed to carve out their own path. And so it goes with their upcoming wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Photo: Getty

The eyes of the world will be on Harry and Meghan come May 19th as the pair pledge themselves to one another. But, apart from witnessing the next step in their very modern love story, all most royal watchers want to know is – what will Meghan wear?
To find out more about quite possibly her most important accessory, her wedding band, Robb Report sat down with two of the nation’s best bespoke luxury jewellers, Nic Cerrone and Matthew Ely, to find out what style they think Markle will favour.

Meghan Markle looks up adoringly at Prince Harry. Photo: Getty

Meghan Markle flashes her engagement ring. Photo: Getty

The Colour

In 1923, the Queen Mother began what has now become tradition for women in the royal family, to choose a Welsh gold wedding band.
It began after the royal family was given a gold nugget from the now defunct Clogau Gold Mine. Out of that five wedding rings were made, including ones worn by The Queen and the late Princess Diana.
In 1981, The Queen was gifted with some additional gold to create the wedding bands for future royality.

Despite the history, Ely thinks Markle may just put her own stamp on tradition. “Meghan doesn’t seem be the traditional royal bride,” he said. “Anyway, there are a number of different designs – other than gold – that I can imagine her leaning towards.”

Cerrone believes that Markle’s wedding band will have the same amount of thought put into it as her engagement ring did. “Prince Harry planned Meghan’s engagement ring very well and clearly put a lot of thought into the design,” he said. “He managed to incorporate what is special to both Meghan”.

Cerrone’s exact replica of Markle’s engagement ring. Photo: Cerrone

Cerrone’s exact replica of Markle’s engagement ring. Photo: Cerrone

The Style

Traditionally, the women of the House of Windsor have opted for a simple gold band style.
For Ely, he tells Robb Report that he believes the ‘adventurous’ Markle may just opt for a crown style wedding band, which would compliment her engagement ring. “The crown style wedding band is becoming more and more popular,” Ely said. “The style provides a beautiful half halo to the centre stone on the engagement ring. I would love to see Meghan choose a modern yet meaningful style like this for her wedding band.”

A crown wedding band from Matthew Ely’s collection. Photo: Matthew Ely

A selection of wedding bands from Matthew Ely’s collection. Photo: Matthew Ely

Cerrone agrees, telling Robb Report the most important aspect of Markle’s ring will be the personal story ‘behind it’. “Jewellery is about emotion and the story behind the person wearing it,” he said.

The bespoke luxury jeweller went on to say that no matter what design Markle chooses, he is expecting to recieve an onsalught on copycat requests after its debut. “People like the way that the royals live, they follow them,” he said. “When Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring was showcased, sapphires grew in popularity and then of course when it was passed to Catherine, that same style was appreciated by the next generation.”

To see more of Cerrone’s desgins head to www.cerrone.com.au


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