Mary Grady.

Piaggio Aerospace, one of the world’s oldest aviation companies is forced to declare bankruptcy

The future is uncertain for the 100-year-old company, which produces the unique and gorgeous Avanti Evo.

By Mary Grady


A new eye in the sky is watching out for you

Aireon is a global system that uses satellites to track planes and find their location in an emergency.

By Mary Grady


Fly your own hoverbike: no training needed

Skip flying cars altogether and jump on one of HoverSurf’s electric hoverbikes.

By Mary Grady


Winch design fulfills a jet owner’s dream of having a home in the sky

The London-based design studio created a cosy interior with an amazing faux bookshelf that doubles as a door to the master suite.

By Mary Grady


NASA is building a low-boom supersonic x-plane

Ultimately, the agency wants to prove the viability of the technology so it can be adopted by commercial manufacturers.

By Mary Grady


Bel Air concept brings taxis in the sky a step closer

Developers hope these new aircraft will rescue urban-based travellers from gridlock and delay.

By Mary Grady


Order now for the $45m Citation Hemisphere jet

Textron’s largest-ever corporate jet is still in development, but the company is ready to take deposits.

By Mary Grady


Five of the most creative interiors for your private jet

The experience of flying is at risk of losing its romance and excitement. But aircraft-design teams are working to elevate our time aloft.

By Mary Grady


Airbus is fixing the one big problem with helicopters

They can take off and land from small spaces like a city rooftop or a rural backyard. But they do have one major drawback.

By Mary Grady


Airbus corporate helicopter business takes off

The company best known for passenger jets aims to create an “exclusive ownership experience” for its helicopter clientele.

By Mary Grady


Orders are being taken now for this flying car

The dream of escaping from tedious commutes and traffic is irresistible, and could be a reality as soon as 2020.

By Mary Grady



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