This Smart Headband Helps You Sleep While Travelling

Featuring a comfortable new design, the Muse-S multi-sensory band lulls you using neurofeedback and customized guided meditations.

By Sandra Ramani 16/02/2020

Whether travelling for work or fun, the factors involved—the hassles, the time zone changes, the disrupted sleep—can throw our overall wellness out of whack. Aimed at grounding the body and calming a busy mind and encouraging you to feel present, mediation can help get things back in balance; while you’re not supposed to fall asleep during a meditation session, it can also help promote a more restful or deeper snooze come bedtime.

Launched in January, the Muse S device aims to make meditating and sleeping while travelling easy by featuring a more comfortable design (so you can use it while lying down), award-winning neurofeedback tech, and new Go-to-Sleep programs that react to your body and mind.

biofeedback tech sleep meditation

The new band is more comfortable to use when lying down Courtesy Muse

Like the two earlier Muse models, the Muse S harnesses research-grade EEG technology that responds to the neuro- and biofeedback we put out, ensuring the most customized and effective experience; essentially, it “reads” your brain activity, heart rate, breathing, and body movements, then tailors the corresponding guided meditations accordingly. The latest model is also the most travel-friendly, thanks to an improved fit, better signal quality, and the use of a more plush, breathable material that is comfortable both when sitting and lying down. Other features include the ability to see your data and use it to set better goals and improve your practice.

biofeedback tech sleep meditation

The award-winning tech customizes meditations based on your current heart rate, breathing, body movements and more. Courtesy Muse

Once placed snugly on your forehead, the device interacts with the content on the Muse app, which includes new Go-to-Sleep Journeys (with names like “Enchanted Forest” or “Underwater World”) that blend voice guidance and biofeedback soundscapes. As the device gets feedback from you, each soundscape gets layered in real-time to best reflect your current needs.

In addition to the Go-to-Sleep Journey you can purchase a monthly or yearly Guide Meditation subscription to access a library of over 300 meditations from renowned teachers, plus sleep-friendly soundscapes, goal-oriented sessions (to target specific issues like stress), hacks for better sleep and more.

Get yours for approx. $529


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