Do not disturb: 6 Hotels that put a priority on napping

We’ve hand-picked Hotels around the world that take the art of napping seriously.

By Kathryn Romeyn 07/10/2018

One of the pleasures of luxury travel (and luxury in general) is indulging in things you don’t need, but simply desire. It’s not about essentials; it’s about what is sumptuous, if not delightfully superfluous. The perfect example? A wave of luxe hotels and resorts now boasting dedicated spaces for napping. Of course, any room or suite worthy of a five-star rating should have a bed clearly capable of performing nap duties. But these specialized nap rooms—with a pod, bed, or nest designed for that very purpose—take it one step further. There’s something to be said for drifting off cocooned in a hammock or falling asleep while floating in salt water—a gentle breeze, an otherworldly view, or a cloud-like pillow can make a nap revelatory. To that end, read on to discover the following six properties where next-level napping comes standard.

## The Dolder Grand, Switzerland

Not all people nap naturally, so the Dolder Grand’s Chillout Room is designed to be a low-pressure environment where guests at the Zurich icon can achieve REM or simply decompress. Individual baskets sway slightly, calming the body and mind, while sound-blocking headphones—used for quiet or mellow music—enhances the release. Gentle splashes of light seep into the space through purposeful holes in the wall, and there are even sketchbooks if sleep just isn’t coming. Nearby, a row of Japanese-inspired Sunaburo tubs holding smooth stones that warm with by your body heat, is another option that hardly requires counting sheep.

## Deplar Farm, Iceland

A one-hour nap in the isopod flotation tanks at Iceland’s Deplar Farm feels like an entire night’s sleep, giving you serious bang for your buck—though the sessions are complimentary for guests of the far-flung Eleven Experience property. The pure physical relaxation created by floating can also combat jet lag and sore muscles (which you’re likely to have after days spent carving first tracks while heli-skiing), as the sensation is said to trigger the body’s natural powers of healing and regeneration, not to mention stimulates left/right brain synchronization. Subliminal audio programs for weight loss or cessation of smoking are also available.

## Montage Beverly Hills, USA

After observing guests’ dreamy, ultra-relaxed behavior after spa treatments, the Montage Beverly Hills used a recent renovation as the perfect opportunity to create a Nap Nook in the spa’s ladies relaxation lounge (sorry, gents). Three walls surround each heavenly nook, which are equipped with dimmable lights and can be closed with a curtain for complete privacy. After all, what’s nicer than cuddling into fluffy throw pillows for a post-massage snooze?

## Four Seasons Resort Bali, Indonesia

The Sacred Nap at Bali’s beloved Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is not a room, but an experience. Fera, a former Buddhist nun, tucks guests into silk hammocks—think the kind used for Anti-Gravity Yoga—in the bamboo shala, perched above the property’s rice paddies. After applying aromatherapy oils, she tells the story of the Buddha and sings softly with a symphony of cicadas providing background music, while rocking them to sleep. By popular demand, this winter Fera will release a Sacred Nap soundtrack of her music and chants, to be used for meditation, relaxation, and, yes, a smooth slide into sleep.

## The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The recently opened Retreat at Blue Lagoon didn’t rest on its laurels (see: Iceland’s most iconic body of water) when it came to designing vista-studded glass-walled rooms and suites. Every aspect of the resort is geared for relaxation, and the property even boasts a “nest” room, where architectural chairs hang suspended behind floor-to-ceiling windows. The mesmerizing views of the lagoon’s shimmery blue water and post-spa treatment glow will have you drifting off to sleep in no time.

## Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

A couple options are on hand at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, which felt the need in these hectic times to dedicate not one, but two rooms to napping experiences for their guests’ wellbeing. Tranquility is found atop both their Aqua Lux waterbeds, which lull users into a zen state, and Napshells, mattress-fitting capsules with soothing visual and acoustic effects manufactured by hand in Stuttgart. Twenty-minute power naps are recommended in the latter, since it’s proven to have a positive effect on performance, acting as a natural stimulant.


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