Six Trends That Defined Milan Autumn 2021

The Milan autumn 2021 collections called for some much deserved comfort and distraction.

By Alex Badia 21/01/2021

In a fully digital Milan fashion week, designers were cognizant of this unusual moment’s distinct needs, featuring relaxed and cocooning collections full of cozy knits and deconstructed tailored suits. Loose and fluid silhouettes ruled as comfort continues to be key. But this didn’t preclude designers from making energetic statements: bold outerwear led the way this season with belted pieces and colourful head-turning top coats evoking a much-needed sense of optimism and fun, and the inclusion of tie-dyes and micro bags provided a touch of youthful energy to this Milan season — another for the history books and a true reflection of our times. Here, the top trends from Milan Men’s Fashion Week’s Autumn 2021 collections.

The Slouchy Suit

Nick Fouquet - Federico Curradi

Nick Fouquet – Federico Curradi, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Nick Fouquet – Federico Curradi

Tod's MenÕs Fall 2021

Tod’s, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Tod’s

Ermenegildo Zegna designer Alessandro Sartori labelled his collection “The (Re)set” and that change of mind-set translated to some of the most directional, softly constructed and slouchy suits of this season. The collaboration between hat designer Federico Curradi and Nick Fouquet, another highlight of the week, provided an artisanal and bohemian touch to their relaxed suit offerings. These comfortable numbers may not be boardroom-ready, but they will be ideal for any Zoom business meetings.

Belted, Please

Ermenegildo Zegna Men's Fall 2021

Ermenegildo Zegna, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Ermenegildo Zegna

Fendi Men's Fall 2021

Fendi, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Fendi

Solid Homme Men's Fall 2021

Solid Homme, men’s autumn  2021  Filippo Fior/Courtesy of Solid Homme.

From the monochromatic belted leisure suit at Ermenegildo Zegna to the textured crop trench at Fendi and the elongated herringbone belted duster at Solid Homme, the belted blazer and robe coat feels like the perfect extension of pyjama dressing, providing a new option for working from home or just lounging around the house and looking smart.

Cozy Knits

Prada Men's Fall 2021

Prada, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Prada

Massimo Alba Men's Fall 2021

Massimo Alba, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Massimo Alba

Federico Cina Men's Fall 2021

Federico Cina, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Federico Cina

Who knew that knitted long johns would be one of the key messages from an influential Prada collection? The Italian house’s heritage intarsia motif was the perfect touch to turn the dusty underwear staple into a hot fashion must-have. Massimo Alba’s elegant and eccentric spirit translated perfectly onto an array of rich and textured knitwear pieces. And Federico Cina’s turtleneck poncho became the perfect item for tuning out your surroundings and daydreaming.

Statement Coats

Prada Men's Fall 2021

Prada, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Prada

Fendi Men's Fall 2021

Fendi, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Fendi

Backstage at Etro Men's Fall 2021

Backstage at Etro, men’s autumn 2021  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

Top coats for the autumn season? Groundbreaking? Yes, actually. The bright purple Re-Nylon trench at Prada — to choose just one, as its assortment of toppers truly ran the design gamut – felt new and über cool. The paisley explosion on a slouchy trench at Etro and a bright pink quilted style at Fendi were everything but disappointing. Taking iconic men’s wear classics and reinventing and pushing them forward in vibrant colours, technical fabrics and fluid constructions is the main message here.

Mini Bags

Prada men's fall 2021

Prada, men’s autumn 2021

Backstage at Etro Men's Fall 2021

Backstage at Etro, men’s autumn 2021  Giovanni Giannoni/WWD

A-Cold-Wall Men's Fall 2021

A-Cold-Wall, men’s autumn 2021  Oliver Matich/Courtesy of A-Cold-Wall

Fendi Men’s Fall 2021

Fendi, men’s autumn 2021  Simone Lezzi/WWD

It is clear that the notion of the ‘It’ bag is no longer a women’s wear business only, thankfully. With an array of different bag styles shown this week, the micro bag rose to the top — from Etro’s studded ultra-chic square design to this crossbody, cell phone-friendly bag at A-Cold-Wall. The Prada gloves featuring attached purselets might not be considered a bag for obvious practical reasons, but they really helped push the mini-is-best trend forward.


David Catalan Men's Fall 2021

David Catalan, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of David Catalan

MSGM Men’s Fall 2021

MSGM, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of MSGM

Children of the Discordance Men's Fall 2021

Children of the Discordance, men’s autumn 2021  Courtesy of Children of the Discordance

Psychedelic, retro and lively, tie-dye has had quite a moment since the beginning of the pandemic, and designers took note. Youthful brands like David Catalan, Children of Discordance and MSGM chose this hippie-era classic to graphically embellish their collection, resulting in a vibrant and joyful trend.


This article was originally published by WWD.


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