This Superyacht Concept Doubles As A Floating Seaport

And it can be yours for $408.5 million.

By Rachel Cormack 20/07/2021

Who says a seaport needs to be on land? Certainly not Lazzarini. That’s because the design studio’s latest innovative concept is a multi-purpose superyacht that doubles as a dockyard for small tenders servicing the high seas.

The futuristic 100-metres, dubbed Saturnia, sports a geometric silhouette with sharp, angular lines. The vessel will be forged entirely from dry carbon fibre, which the Lazzarini says will make it some 50 per cent lighter than ships of a similar size.

Of course, the pièce de résistance is the private port that’s located amidship. This unique sheltered area can be accessed via two large openings on each side that automatically rise up when required. Just like a regular wharf, it can facilitate the comings and goings of seafarers while also allowing tenders with up to 5-feet of draft to moor inside. Think of it as a luxurious entry to your very own floating hotel.

Saturnia Superyacht

The private port can facilitate the comings and goings of seafarers while also allowing tenders to moor inside. Lazzarini Design Studio

The interior spans five floors plus a rooftop antenna/radar area. It’s highlighted by high ceilings and large windows that serve to maximize the connection with the sea. The layout can be customised as per each owner’s needs, and it can accommodate between 10 and 20 guest suites along with cabins for 20 crew.

As you might expect, Saturnia comes with a laundry list of luxury amenities, including multiple pools and alfresco dining areas, a launchpad for eVTOLs (it’s 2021, after all), and a striking glass-bottom lounge that affords gobsmacking views of the world beneath the waves.

Saturnia Superyacht

The glass-bottom lounge offers jaw-dropping views. Lazzarini Design Studio

As for power, Lazzarini imagines Saturnia with hybrid propulsion. Dual diesel engines and a central electronic water jet system would give the vessel a top speed of 30 knots and result in fewer emissions.

Believe it or not, this is a relatively tame design from Lazzarini. The disruptive studio has previously penned megayachts shaped like giant sharks and swans, along with a hyper yacht that looks like a bullet. Of course, all that design innovation comes at a price. Saturnia will still set you back a pretty penny. Lazzarini says the superyacht can be built on request for $408 million and will take roughly 2.5 years to hit the seas. Best start saving now.


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