Superyacht And Submarine Now Combined In This Concept

Sail the ocean and dive to its depths with this concept.

By Bryan Hood 17/12/2019

If you’re fortunate enough to own a superyacht, chances are you want to show it off. But for at least one yacht designer, the greatest luxury a boat can offer may be the ability to disappear.

Witness the new superyacht concept dreamed up by naval architect Elena Nappi. Dubbed the Carapace, the hybrid vessel is engineered to cruise the high seas both above and below the water: The 78-Metres boat doubles as a fully functional submarine capable of diving to depths of 300-metres for up to 10 days at a time.

Even if this was your run-of-the-mill traditional superyacht, the Carapace would stand out, thanks to a breathtaking tech-meets-organic aesthetic with flowing curves that travel from bow to stern. Like many of its peers, the yacht features several beautiful on-deck entertainment areas, including a beach club complete with a pool. But what really makes Nappi’s boat so unique is its light aluminium superstructure, which can be completely sealed up so that it can operate underwater. The designer believes this capability will offer travellers a truly private getaway. It could also appeal to power brokers who might need an added level of secrecy for important meetings.

“The world of luxury submarines is one of the last frontiers in the field of experimentation, and perhaps the hybrid will be the language of the future,” Nappi told CNN. “Very often yacht owners are looking for original solutions to be able to offer their friends and their family something special, and certainly that of a diving cruise of this type is something unprecedented in the superyacht market.”

Elena Nappi's 'Carapace' superyacht concept

Elena Nappi’s ‘Carapace’ superyacht concept Elena Nappi/Solent News

In addition to its submarine capabilities, the three-level boat will also be fully equipped with all the luxury amenities you’d expect from a superyacht. Whether the boat is operating above or below the water, guests will have access to a lounge, large dining room, bar, spa and health club, among the onboard amenities. And just as a reminder that you are underwater, each of these spaces will offer jaw-dropping views of the surrounding marine life when the vessel is submerged.

The boat will offer solid performance specs as well. According to Nappi, Carapace will be powered by a diesel-electric and fuel cell system that gives it a range of 3,800 kilometres. This powertrain would allow the boat to reach a top speed of 16 knots on the surface and 12 knots below it.

Of course, Carapace is only a concept right now. But it is a glimpse at a very exciting future for superyachts. It will also be an expensive one: If Nappi’s creation ever becomes a reality, expect it to have a price tag that runs into the hundreds of millions.


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