Mazu’s Latest Packs Superyacht Luxury Into A Speedboat

Skip across the water at speeds bigger vessels will envy.

By Michael Verdon 15/10/2020

Turkey is a global hotspot for superyacht design, and one of its cruiser builders has found a way to incorporate features from those huge vessels into a much smaller hull. The new Mazu 82 is a remarkably fresh design, with a lightweight carbon composite hull that gives it a top end of 74km/h, and an interior by acclaimed Turkish designer Tanju Özelgin that turns it into an avant-garde residence on the water.

Instead of the plain-jane designs emanating from many shipyards, Özelgin worked with Mazu to create a contemporary interior that combines large windows with muted colours, subtle textures and both strong natural and indirect lighting. The designer refers to the interior as “understated elegance.”

Mazu founder Halit Yukay says the interior works well with the huge open bow area and angular lines of the deckhouse. “The exterior and interior should be seen as a whole as one is the extension of the other,” says Yukay. “Both should create a coherent unity and reflect the main mood and feelings that the designer intended.”

Mazu 82 Yacht Has Large Exterior Space

The exterior makes optimal use of space, like the forward area that can be converted to an outdoor cinema, or the stern’s social/dining area. Just adjacent, the three steps down to the swim platform are designed to be used as seating while the yacht is at anchor. Mazu Yachts

Beyond feelings, the shipyard employed superyacht techniques like using one-piece panes of glass wherever possible to provide a more uniform look. But it wasn’t all about the aesthetics, either. The oversized tempered, laminated front windshield has a PVB interlayer that makes the structure bulletproof, while also being extra clear to eliminate distortions and glare. Mazu also added a custom sliding roof to open up the helm area and main salon to the sky.

Because of the finite length of the hull, some elements have been designed to do double-duty. The three steps from the aft cockpit to the swim platform, for instance, also function as furniture, so guests can sit, or even lie down, and still be connected to the adjacent social dining area.

“Multifunctional design was important for the owner,” says Yukay. “In fact, the open foredeck has three different uses: as a sunbathing area, a dining area for 12 people, and a screen can be set up to turn it into an open-air cinema.” You can’t get more superyacht than an outdoor cinema.

Mazu 82 Yacht with Bulletproof Windshield

The unusually large windshield is both aesthetically pleasing and highly technical–so protective that it’s bulletproof. Mazu Yachts

Özelgin, one of Turkey’s most famous residential designers, wanted to create an interior that was more in tune with land-based architecture than a typical yacht. “The space has to be as compact and light as possible without losing the illusion of feeling at home,” he adds. “One of our key aspects during the design phase of the yacht was to create a space that feels more as if you were in your own house with all the familiarity and comfort that comes with it.”

To enhance that feeling, the designer created a custom lighting system that incorporates both direct sunlight and more subtle indirect lighting. “Lighting is an important tool for the designer to create an atmosphere and mood,” says Özelgin.

The designer also combined warm, light-coloured materials like walnut and leather, with walls decorated with teak panelling that has been textured and painted a metallic grey. The 82’s textiles and carpets were also specially designed for the boat, as were the doors with bronzed tempered glass and matching stainless-steel hardware.

Mazu 82 Yacht Uses Different Materials for Its Interior

The designer combined subtle, metallic colours in the walls with brighter, warmer hues in the walnut floors and leather furniture. Large swathes of glass create strong natural lighting. Pozitif Studyo

“The chosen materials are as light as possible and the textures give a sense of spaciousness with a touch of warmth,” says Özelgin.

That contemporary sensibility, infused with warmth, is the element that makes the Mazu 82 most like a bespoke superyacht. Of course, the big differentiator is that the Mazu can run at speeds that few superyachts could ever hope to match.

Check out these other images of the 82.

Mazu 82 Yacht Has New Wild Features

Mazu Yachts

Mazu 82 New Yacht with Superyacht Features

Mazu Yachts


Mazu Yachts

Mazu Yachts

Mazu Yachts

Mazu Yachts


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