Inside 100-Metre ‘Ark’ Of Fun

The vessel arrives with 18 vehicles to play on land, sea and air.

By Rachel Cormack 16/04/2021

If a superyacht and a theme park had a baby, it might look the epic new vessel penned by naval architect and yacht designer Aristotelis Betsis.

The 100-metre explorer yacht, which has been christened Ark, is designed to cover great distances while keeping seafarers thoroughly entertained with just about any kind of vehicle you could imagine. The designer describes the vessel as a “global adventure park” for the high seas. We’d call it a play vehicle heaven.

Ark Explorer Yacht

The vessel’s slender hull results in great performance and fewer emissions. Aristotelis Betsis

The vessel’s exterior is characterized by long dynamic lines and a sharp bow that together give it a sporty, contemporary feel. Her slender hull, meanwhile, “offers great performance and fewer emissions,” according to Betsis.

But Ark’s sleek lines belie the adventure offered inside. Onboard, she is jam-packed with toys and tenders. In a nod to another highly ambitious ark, Betsis has included twins of just about every vehicle you could thing of: There’s a pair of 9-metre carbon sailing yachts, two Mercedes-Benz 6×6 G Wagons, two snowmobiles, and a couple of motorcycles. You’ll also find a 4×4 beach buggy, a five-person submarine, four wave runners, three tenders measuring up to 15-metres and a catamaran landing boat. (That’s not even half of it.) She’s also equipped with a helipad to house your chopper, an all-glass panoramic sky lounge, a cinema, a day spa, a jacuzzi, and a gym with 180-degree views. And if games are your thing, there’s also a full-size paddle tennis court, a ping-pong room and a space to play basketball on the aft deck.

Ark Explorer Yacht

Ark is jampacked with toys and tenders. Aristotelis Betsis

Ark’s interior features full-height curved glass windows that offer a bright and airy ambience. The vessel can comfortably sleep up to 18 guests across nine generous cabins, plus 45 crew. True to her class, she can carry out research, too. Ark features a spate of scientific facilities, including a fully equipped laboratory and storage spaces for specimens.

Elsewhere, there is a designated VIP space on the lower deck that has private access to the sea. This can double as an isolation room and be cordoned off should a guest need to be quarantined.

Ark Explorer Yacht

The epic vessel spans more than 300 feet. Aristotelis Betsis

“Explorer yachts are not just a trend,” Betsis told Robb Report via email. “Exploring is a big part of yachting, hence a yacht which is capable to explore while not missing on other characteristics (such as elegance and luxury) is what I wanted Ark to be.”

Trend or not, Betsis appears to have thought of it all for this explorer—except maybe the carnival games and funnel cakes.


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