Asquared Naval Design’s Megayacht Concept

Because bigger, is indeed, much better.

By Rachel Cormack 24/01/2022

Asquared Naval Design’s new megayacht concept Fluyt may share the same name as the Dutch sailing vessels of the 16th century, but it’s one radically futuristic ship.

Spanning a hair under 108-metres feet from tip to tail, the beautiful behemoth pushes the envelope when it comes to design, propulsion and amenities. It comes just one year after the fledgling British firm—not to be confused with Asquared Engineering, which also does some work on superyachts—revealed an equally disruptive superyacht concept called Cube.

Fluyt is replete with long, flowing lines and a sharp, pointed bow that together create a unique tear-drop silhouette. Sporting a steel hull and aluminium superstructure, the tri-decker recalls the golden era of Dutch shipbuilding, according to the designers.

“Her distinct exterior is an unexpected symbiosis of a modern minimalist hull and antique swift-sailing vessels,” Asquared’s Andrey Gusev told Robb Report in an email.


Fluyt features a giant infinity pool aft. Asquared Naval Design

With a beam of 18.2 metres and an interior volume of approximately 4,000 GT, Fluyt is certainly not short on space, either. Asquared hasn’t shared the interior layout, but it will likely offer more than a few staterooms.

The upper deck features a gigantic glass-bottomed infinity pool to the aft that looks bigger than most day boats. It’s cleverly incorporated into the main deck below so that water connects the two spaces. To the bow, meanwhile, the unusual stand-alone wheelhouse has been purposefully separated from the owner’s deck to give seafarers more privacy.

Not to be outdone, the main deck comes fitted with numerous spots to lounge about, as well as a touch-and-go helipad forward to facilitate comings and goings.

Details are scant when it comes to propulsion, but Gusev says the vessel is hybrid. It is also equipped with more than 139sqm of solar panels that can harness energy from the sun to power the electric motors.

Who’d have thought an old-fashioned Dutch sloop would inspire such a modern-day trailblazer?

Check out more photos below:


Asquared Naval Design


Asquared Naval Design


Asquared Naval Design


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