A New Global Business Jet Is Almost Ready for Takeoff

Hot on the tail of the Global 7500, Bombardier’s Global 6500 business jet will be ready for service by the end of the year.

By Danielle Cutler 16/06/2019

The latest business jet from Canada-based Bombardier is nearing its entry into service. The Global 6500 has completed 90 per cent of its flight testing and its wings and engines are in their final stages of validation. The first production version moved into Bombardier’s Laurent Beaudoin Completion Center in Montreal as the company prepares the Global 6500 to enter service later this year.

“As the Global 6500 jet progresses toward entry-into-service, we couldn’t be happier to welcome the first production aircraft in our state-of-the-art facilities in Montreal, where high-precision completion work is being carried out on the new business jet,” said Julien Boudreault, vice president, program management, Bombardier Aviation. “With the longest range, largest cabin in its class and smoothest ride, the Global 6500 boasts an innovative interior design and enhanced performance, offering the convenience and state-of-the-art technology our customers have come to expect from the Global family.”

The second and third flight-test vehicles (FTV2 and FTV3) are deep in Bombardier’s flight-testing program at the company’s test centre in Wichita, Kansas.

Purpose-built Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engines and a new wing make the Global 6500 aircraft faster and more efficient. The aircraft delivers a range increase of up to 2,400 kilometres when operating out of hot weather and high-altitude conditions, thanks to increased engine thrust and improved overall fuel efficiency. Overall range is 12,223 kilometres. With a top speed of 1110 km/h—and typical cruise speed of 1085 km/h—the Global 6500 aircraft can connect Hong Kong or Singapore to London and Toluca to Madrid non-stop. The newly designed wing brings flexibility and improved aerodynamics to provide a smooth ride throughout the flight.

Conference Room set up for dining, with the Nuage chaise ready for lounging.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

Designed for long-range flights, the Global 6500’s 4-square-metre-cabin includes the new Nuage chaise, a unique seating setup, which transforms from a lounge chair into a flat surface for sleeping or banquet-style dining around the table.

The Nuage seat.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

Bombardier’s Nuage seat, also designed for long-range flights, is exclusive to the new Global aircraft family and offers up a very nice recline and swivel, which is important when you want to see all 17 passengers on board. The industry’s first 4K-enabled cabin can also be found on board the Global 6500, as well as Bombardier’s super-fast internet access via Ka-band technology.

Kitchen with two convection/microwave ovens and a coffee/espresso machine.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

Like its Global 7500 sister, the Global 6500 has a private crew rest area forward, across from the professional-grade galley, as well as an up-front lavatory.

Private Suite with two Nuage seats and a three-place berthable divan.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

Situated way aft is the Private Suite with adjoining natural-light-filled bathroom (available with shower) and large wardrobe.

The Club Suite with tables popped up and out.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

In between are the Conference Suite—with adjustable table, a credenza for storage, optional Nuage chaise and seats—and the Club Suite with four chairs and 24-inch 4K bulkhead monitor with immersive surround sound.

The Club Suite facing the cockpit.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

Up in the cockpit is the Bombardier Vision flight deck avionics suite. It offers a combined vision system, which merges enhanced and synthetic vision images into one view, increasing situational awareness, even during terrible weather.

Bombardier Global 6500 business jet.
Photo: Courtesy of Bombardier

The Global 6500 is also able to access difficult airports such as London City. Its landing distance is 681 metres, and takeoff requires 1941 metres.


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