This Two-Story Luxury RV Is a Duplex on Wheels

There are even stairs.

By Bryan Hood 22/12/2019

The exciting new era of luxury campers has made it easier than ever to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort. But while most of the kitted-out RVs can comfortably sleep a couple, and maybe a kid or two, what if you need room for more people? If that’s the case, may we direct your attention to SLRV’s Commander 8×8, the duplex of campers.

Almost more of a house on wheels than a camper, the Australian company’s latest hulking utility vehicle boasts not one but two levels that combine to sleep 10. While the burly Commander 8×8 may not win any beauty contests, that won’t matter when you open up the spacious main cabin. The first-floor can be sectioned off into three areas and features a master bedroom with room for a king-sized bed, a lounge with room for an electric lift-up bed. A fully appointed kitchen offers enough storage and refrigerator space to feed everyone along for the trip. The top level is accessible via an interior staircase and has room for six twin-sized beds. Each offers its own window, a reading lamp, and a storage container for your stuff. Everything in the interior is powered by a battery stem that’s fed by solar panels and diesel generators, meaning that you and your guests won’t have to leave any of your gadgets at home either.

Inside the SLRV Commander 8x8

The upper level of the SLRV Commander 8×8 sleeps six. Photo: Courtesy of SLRV

Easily SLRV’s largest offering, the top of the line Commander is built on a specially engineered four-point torsion-free military truck chassis. If two-story configuration is more than you need, a single-story option is also available. The the rugged 8×8 has a body made primarily from infused-composite fiberglass that’s engineered to be tougher than a standard frame, so you’ll be stable regardless of your choice. The exterior also features a front and rear winch, aluminum roof rack, a side access ladder, bash guard and sidebars to protect the windshield.

To match its brawny exterior, the camper has a 12.5-litre diesel engine that’s capable of churning out a very impressive 280 hp and 1900 rpm. Its beefy powertrain is mated to an automatic 12-speed constant-mesh gearbox with a manual override. And as expected, the 8×8 has an all-wheel drive system with a two-speed transfer case, planetary axels and high-ground clearance, allowing it to ably deal with basically any type of terrain imaginable.

While the first Commander was built as a custom-job, it’s pretty clear from SLVR’s website that they’d have no problem whipping up another. Just be prepared to pay a hefty sum for it. According to Uncrate, the gigantic RV will run you in the neighborhood of $2 million. Check out a couple more shot of the interior below.

Inside the SLRV Commander 8x8

Photo: Courtesy of SLRV

Inside the SLRV Commander 8x8

Inside the SLRV Commander 8×8 Photo: Courtesy of SLRV


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