The Ferrari Portofino Receives A Powerful Update

The refreshed convertible dials ‘M’ for more power.

By Terry Christodoulou 17/09/2020

If there is such a thing as an ‘entry-level’ Ferrari, then the Portofino would be it.

However, the most affordable model in the Prancing Horse’s range has just received an alluring, aggressive update, leaving the hard-top convertible with more power.

The Portofino M (no, not that M, this one stands for Modificata) gives way to a host of enhancements of the standard model. Externally, the new model receives a sparing refresh, with the front bumper sharpened to give it a sportier look through more aggressive intakes and a streamlined, compact rear with a new exhaust system and redesigned rear diffuser follow suit.

The aesthetic changes were made to reflect the new, upgraded powertrain. Yes, there’s a new particulate filter to meet emissions regulations – but what you want to hear is that the Portofino’s twin-turbocharged 3.9-litre V8 has been elevated from the previous power figure of 441kw to a more muscular 456kW.

While you would think the performance stats would improve dramatically, it’s not until the sports car stretches its legs above 100km/h that the shift is felt, with the 0-200km/h sprint time coming down a whole second to 9.8 seconds.

The Ferrari Portofino M

The engine is paired to a completely new eight-speed, dual-clutch transmission that is 20 per cent smaller than the previous seven-speed version used on the Portofino.

Not everything has gotten faster, with the hardtop roof carrying over from the original spec, closing in a respectable 15 seconds and capable of being opened at 40km/h.

Ferrari Portofino M

As for practicality, Ferrari designed the updated four-seater with 292 litres of luggage space which is said to pass the all-important golf bag test.

The Ferrari Portofino M is set to commence European deliveries in the second quarter of 2021 and will be priced at approx. $333,000.


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