Gordon Murray’s T50S Niki Lauda Is A Track Specialist

It’s lighter, more powerful and offers more downforce than the road-going model.

By Terry Christodoulou 23/02/2021

Gordon Murray’s heir to the McLaren F1’s thrown, the T50, has just received an approx. $5.5m track-only variant.

Murray has given the variant the name of his former Brabham F1 colleague, the late Niki Lauda, as he unveiled the 852kg V12-powered T50S supercar, of which only 25 will be built.

The T50S Niki Lauda will be built completely by Murray’s new specialist manufacturing company, with production beginning at the back end of the year for deliveries during 2022.

At 128kg less than the regular model’s already record-breakingly lithe 980kg, the T50S will use a higher-revving version of its ultra-compact, bespoke 3.9-litre Cosworth V12 engine which will have 522kW at its disposal, topping out at 322-338km/h.

Murray has shaved weight off the T50 by remodelling the engine, taking away 20.7kg from its heft and 6kg from the new gearbox, which now comes in a six-speed Xtrac paddleshift sequential. Further, the team has scrapped the right-hand passenger seat, soundproofing and infotainment for a more rudimentary, racey control panel.

Moreover, the T50S uses a whole swathe of aerodynamic bits that together with the revolutionary 40cm diameter fan that sucks the standard car to the road can deliver up to 1500kg of downforce at high speed. However, don’t be deceived by its looks, this fan is only set to the 7000rpm, high downforce mode.

The T50S, although not street-legal, promises to be more user friendly than most track dedicated offering, with Murray stating: “It was essential to me that the T50S Niki Lauda is easy to live with and enjoy. You will own the car, you will be completely in control of where and when you enjoy it. My vision is that owners will take it to a circuit, check the tyre pressures, climb in, fire it up and have fun. That’s the way it should be.”

Each of the 25 models is unique in specification and will be named after each of Murray’s Grand-Prix victories.



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