2021 Car Of The Year 2nd Place: Lamborghini Huracan Evo Fluo Capsule

Just when you thought Lamborghini’s Huracan Evo couldn’t get any more bonkers, someone went and added the words “Fluo Capsule”.

By Stephen Corby 16/12/2021

As impressive and undeniably fire-breathing as it is, Lamborghini’s Huracan Evo Fluo Capsule shouldn’t have been able to hold a candle to the volcanic Ferrari SF90 Spider in this year’s COTY and yet somehow, against the odds, it won the hearts of many of our judges, and even some of their votes for winner.

Lamborghini launched the original Huracan, with its old-school, naturally aspirated and massively deafening 5.2-litre V10 back in 2014. It is, or should be, coming to the end of its useful life, and is at that point where any upgrades are evolutionary rather than revolutionary. Its replacement, quite likely, will feature a turbocharged engine, of course, meaning that to drive any Huracan is to experience what we are about to lose forever.

And anyone who drove it in anger, particularly through any kind of tunnel, will tell you that those natmo roars, barks, bellows and explosions will be sorely missed. As will that kind of linear surging acceleration that a V10 like this, sans turbos, can provide.

Overwhelmingly, though, this Lamborghini is a festival of noise, and in that very important supercar category, it beat the Ferrari—which was prone to falling completely silent in EV or Hybrid modes and was otherwise not as loud as it could be—very handily.

With a price tag of “just” $571,475, it also looks like something of a bargain next to the SF90—you could buy two of these in different outrageous hues and still have spare change for a BMW M4 Competition.

The Evo version of the Huracan was the first to get four-wheel steering to go with its all-wheel drive, and it’s a fantastic and incredibly communicative set-up. It also debuted Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI), which combines the car’s incredible computer systems to basically predict the future and “pre-act” to the inputs it knows you, as a predictable human, are about to make in any situation.

In essence, the power delivery and traction systems can think faster than you can act, at least if you believe Lamborghini’s claims for the sentience of the LDVI. What we know from piloting it is that it’s incredibly reassuring and easy to drive quickly, even in what should be terrifyingly damp conditions.

The Evo version of the Huracan first arrived in 2019, so even that stuff is a bit on the old side. What makes this year’s version new are those words “Fluo Capsule” and the eye-frying colour that our test vehicle was painted in—Verde Shock.

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