Jaclyn Trop.

7 Superyachts with Wine Cellars That Would Make Everyone in Napa Jealous

A large wine cellar aboard a yacht sounds counterintuitive, but these vessels have climate-controlled cabinets to handle the harsh ocean.

By Jaclyn Trop


Soon You Can Enjoy A Relaxing Trip Into Space Via Hot Air Balloon

Forget heart-thumping G-force rocket trips into the stratosphere. The rest of us will soon be able to enjoy a leisurely eight-hour flight complete with cocktails.

By Jaclyn Trop


7 eVTOLs Will Take To The Skies In The Next Two Years

Most of these electric air taxis are being flight tested, preparing for the first revolution in air travel since the commercial jet.

By Jaclyn Trop


Private Jet Concept Has Stretchy Interiors To Maximise Comfort

After 3 years in the making, the F/List prototype maximises the passenger experience via multifunctional furniture.

By Jaclyn Trop


The New Food Fight? Private Jets Are Racing To Serve Cuisine Made By Michelin-Starred Chefs

Food wars take on a new meaning when Michelin-starred restaurants pair up with jet firms to offer a fresh, new take on high-altitude cuisine.

By Jaclyn Trop


Why eVTOL Start-Ups And Automakers Are Teaming Up Like Never Before

From Joby Aviation to Porsche, the motorized collaborations trade cash and tech for a glimpse into advanced designs.

By Jaclyn Trop


Inside the Brave New World Of Electric Air Racing

After Covid grounded its ambitions, a new breed of piloted race series looks to climb out of stall mode.

By Jaclyn Trop


Four jaw-dropping cars from the Dubai motor show

Whatever combinations of horsepower and sheet metal your mind conjures is likely not a stretch.

By Jaclyn Trop


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