With a sophisticated open-worked dial revealing a Swiss-made movement that has its roots in the grand tradition of British watchmaking, the new Nebula 38 Steel from Arnold & Son packs a pretty punch.

The original Nebula was introduced in 2016 in a 41.5mm case made of gold or steel. At last year’s Baselworld, Arnold & Son rolled out the 38mm version in red gold. Now comes the 38mm in steel.

“The Nebula is one of the most iconic pieces in the Arnold & Son collection, expressing the essence of our brand: ‘Swiss watchmaking with English roots,’” says president Bertrand Savary. “Its open-worked movement ties it to the great tradition of British watchmaking, while its design methods and finishes reflect the very best of Swiss quality. Last year, the limited-edition Nebula 38 in red gold was extremely well received by our clientele who were looking for ultra-technical timepieces in a smaller size.

“In fact, the Nebula 38 is a diameter rarely seen in this category of ‘skeletonised’ timepieces,” Savary adds. “It is also interesting to note that its exemplary slimness is part of its success, attracting a new feminine clientele to Arnold & Son.”

Arnold & Son Nebula Movement

Arnold & Son Nebula Movement Courtesy of Arnold & Son

The model—which displays hours, minutes and off-centred small seconds—is named for the cosmic debris resulting from an exploding star. It’s a nod to the movement, whose architecture is designed to evoke an exploding inverted star with impressively symmetrical rays (i.e., seven bridges that extend inward from the periphery of the black lacquered flange dial).

Looking at the piece, it’s easy to understand why Arnold & Son’s timepieces have a reputation for balance and visual harmony—the Nebula 38 is replete with contrasting surfaces and finishes, crisscrossing arcs, intersecting circles and ellipses, not unlike the soaring vault of a Gothic cathedral.

The piece retails for approx. $23,500 and is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces.