Summer Scents Sorted

Step up with a new and fresh seasonal-appropriate scent—something a little zestier, cleaner and perhaps sweeter.

By Josh Bozin 16/12/2021

Summer calls for a lighter, brighter approach to fragrance.  There’s no bigger fragrance faux pas than wearing a heavy, cloying parfum in the warmer months, trapped by earthy, smoky tones.

Instead, we recommend something from the citrus family, or a clean, sweet number filled with floral accords. Here’s a shortlist of some of our favourites.


Louis Vuitton Afternoon Swim Cologne, 100ml

If its name is anything to go by, this cologne from Louis Vuitton is made for those that enjoy the leisurely pursuit of “beach-to-bar”. Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud utilises unique citruses for this scent, like fresh Sicilian orange, mandarin and bergamot. Made for post-swim activities.


19-69 Purple Haze EDP, 100ml

A cult brand among purveyors of fine scents, 19-69 crafts unisex fragrances that tell a unique story. Purple Haze captures the counterculture of the ’60s
and ’70s, playing with notes of cannabis accord, violet leaves and patchouli. What results is a fragrance that is invigorating, deep and quirky.


Creed Viking Cologne, 100ml

Since 1760, Creed House has crafted elegant perfumes renowned for being aromatic, bold and invigorating. Creed’s new Viking Cologne is no exception, representing all a summer scent should be—an alchemy of dry sandalwood, zesty bergamot and earthy vetiver balanced with the fragrant mix of citrus fruits.


Penhaligon’s Racquets EDP, 100ml

Bright, bold and fresh, this limited-edition EdP pays homage to that favourite summer sport: tennis. British perfumer Penhaligon’s composes this fresh scent from a base of strapping leather and guaiac wood, with zesty lemon and citrus fruits coming together.



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