Best ANZ Grooming Brands Right Now

These homegrown brands are not only elevating local regimes but taking their wares to the world.

By Josh Bozin 07/10/2021

It was the godfather of soul, James Brown, who raspily chimed, “If a man has hair and teeth, then he’s got it all.”

True. Though there’s also a very real need to maintain such.

Where once there was a general aversion towards male grooming and a considered daily routine—well, that was then. Just 20 years since most scoffed at David Beckham’s outward acknowledgment of the importance of skincare, the men’s grooming sector is booming—predicted to be worth nearly $110 billion globally come 2024, up from approximately
$94 billion in 2020.

Global millennials are the key to this uplift—a claimed 34 per cent use daily skincare products. As such, the modern man’s “toiletries bag” is likely to include moisturisers, facial cleansers, eye serums, bronzers, anti-agers and even mud masks.

Included in the sector’s rapid growth are a clutch of Australian and New Zealand brands who are targeting local men while successfully taking their wares to the world.

“The growth in men’s grooming in Australia and New Zealand has been crazy,” states Patrick Kidd of Patricks. “And men are more interested in buying good quality products that have proven efficacy that make an improvement to skin and hair health, rather than cheap supermarket brands.”

And so, eight of the best ANZ grooming brands to elevate your daily regime.

The Skills

This eye-catching men’s grooming brand boasts more than just a stylish aesthetic—it formulates a suite of skincare products made with the highest quality active ingredients. Each product is designed with a purpose in mind and created to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Must-Try: Detox Day Face Mask—made from natural green clay and a high-performing Lactic Acid AHA (a group of plant- and animal-derived acids which accelerate cell turnover), this unique mask will soak up excess oil and unclog pores, correcting bad skin days quickly while also ensuring an even tone.

Grown Alchemist

With a trademark skincare system promising to cleanse, detox and activate, Grown Alchemist formulates natural products that represent a new evolution in skincare. If that doesn’t mean a lot then know this: there are skincare products made with ingredients harmful to your skin, and there are innovative products designed to protect, rejuvenate and restore the skin. And thankfully the latter is Grown Alchemist’s area of expertise.

Must-Try: Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser—a great daily cream cleanser to remove dirt, and cleanse and condition delicate facial skin without dehydrating or irritating.

Hunter Lab

Since 2015, Hunter Lab has produced innovative skincare crafted in Melbourne from high-performance, natural ingredients, all of which are designed to improve one’s skin. Increasingly
visible thanks to some strategic and heady placement, Hunter Lab has established itself as a premium skincare brand for those in the know.

Must-Try: Daily Face Fuel—a natural and nutrient-rich cream moisturiser that is crafted with avocado, macadamia and passion fruit seed oils, and designed to smooth and nourish the skin without causing irritation.


When it launched a collection of supercharged grooming goodies in 2015, Patricks was the answer to the distinct lack of specialised men’s products on the market at the time. With a range of merchandise—from hair balm to skincare—scientifically proven to reduce the effects of hair loss and signs of ageing, Patricks is on top of the grooming game.

Must-Try: M3 Matte Finish—an award-winning product that does exactly as it says on the label.


Sorting through the host of men’s grooming products available on the market can be a somewhat arduous task at best. Mistr has done the leg work and curated a list of elite grooming products to suit all tastes and lifestyles.

Must-Try: Skin-Decoder—utilises an advanced algorithm to find the perfect skincare products for your skin type and needs.

Triumph & Disaster

Triumph & Disaster utilise the best of science and nature to formulate 100 percent natural men’s grooming products that are guaranteed to have you looking and feeling your best, every day of the week. The T&D lineup is crafted from 100 percent natural, local indigenous New Zealand ingredients, resulting in a range of naturally derived, scientifically engineered products that actually work.

Must-Try: Ponsonby Pomade—a high-hold, non-greasy, nutrient-rich water-based pomade that is super pliable while being incredibly easy to wash out.


Aotea is a new therapeutic skincare brand that extracts, formulates and bottles its wares by hand on Great Barrier Island (Aotea). This range of New Zealand-made skincare and grooming products is inspired by traditional Māori herbal remedies, which are typically more in line with health goods, but backed up by scientific testing.

Must-Try: Mānuka Water and Kawakawa Toner—an essential part of any grooming regime, this soothing and balancing toner utilises the PH balancing qualities of Mānuka water to close the pores on your face, while tightening and gently cleansing the skin.


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