How the simple act of choosing a gift can change a life

Choose a gift that keeps on giving this Christmas.

By Sponsored Content 23/10/2018

With Christmas fast approaching, a World Vision Gift is a unique and impactful way to share the spirit of generosity, while supporting life-long change for vulnerable children and their communities. 

Whether it’s a single gift, or a carefully-selected gift bundle, World Vision has gifts that last a lifetime – for you, the person who receives the gift and communities around the world.

For every gift, an accompanying card explains how it is helping children and communities in need.

# Clean water supply for 24 communities ($4,800)

A gift that provides access to clean water can create a ripple effect that enables entire communities to flourish. When a community has clean water, children are less likely to suffer life-threatening illnesses from waterborne diseases. They also have more time to attend school, instead of having to collect water.

# Classroom construction for children in crisis ($5,700)

This gift can help give children education and much-needed stability and structure during an emergency. By creating safe and child-friendly spaces, children displaced by conflict or natural disaster can continue to learn and develop the skills to recover from their experiences.

# A year of financial services for 360 people ($6,000)

This gift can help provide 360 people with access to credit and savings schemes and insurance. It also helps families improve their incomes and thereby build their resilience to setbacks. Families are empowered through learning to manage their money, becoming better able to save for the future and their children’s long-term wellbeing.

# How the gift of a goat changed the lives of Nazbibi and her family

Nazbibi’s family were at breaking point. After a long drought in Afghanistan, they had lost their entire flock of sheep – their only source of income.

Just when they needed it most, relief came. Thanks to World Vision supporters, this struggling family received a female goat and her two kids.

The goat has become a lifeline for the family, producing up to 1.5 litres of milk per day. Now, Nazbibi and her siblings no longer go to school hungry. “I can make different things … which I can [send with] my children to school to eat during breaks,” says Zainab, Nazbibi’s mother.

Now, not only do the children get essential nutrients from the milk that will help them grow up strong and healthy, the family also has a new source of income. And with it, a new source of hope for the future.

If giving a gift that lasts a lifetime resonates with you, visit or call (03) 9287 2691


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