Enhanced Winter Issue Is Here — And Free

Time to embrace the future and what is a richer and more layered digital magazine experience.

By Robb Report 10/08/2021

Our small gift to you in these times — to entertain, engage and hopefully deliver some necessary distraction — is a stunning and enhanced digital version of the new winter issue.

From our exclusive review of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport to racing Ferraris around Far North Queensland, the best timepieces of 2021, dinner (and tennis) with MONA’s David Walsh to a heady and enviable walkthrough of the ultimate luxury escapes and experiences to indulge (for now/for later), we’re proud to present this heightened and layered digital extension of what we do, with thanks to e-Mersion Media.

But don’t just take our word for its brilliance — we spoke to e-Mersion’s Chief Digital Officer, Michael Chmielewski, about what to expect as a reader.

Robb Report: How do you explain the reader experience here? 

Michael Chmielewski: Ultimately you’re receiving a richer content experience across both editorial and advertising. Rather than just text and photos, readers can engage with content through video, sound, and on-screen tactile content… Rather than having to search out this extra content through other channels, we curate it under the context that the article or page provides, ensuring a seamless and relevant experience for the reader.


RR: This is much ‘more’ than how most perceive a ‘digital magazine’ experience?  

MC: This becomes a unique experience that blends print with other mediums past the point of just a ‘digital magazine’. By bringing in other media and features, each article becomes a user experience of its own, within the overall context of the issue.

RR: We like to think it compliments the tangible magazine.  

MC: Our goal has always been to enhance the magazine experience. We’ve never wanted to replace print, we love print, but this allows the user to delve further into articles as we’re not restricted by the limitations of static paper, or page count. A print magazine may only have room for two photos, but now we’re able to direct the reader to our enhanced digital version, which has those same two photos, but then also has an additional gallery, or perhaps a video or podcast delving further into the topic – or an update on the story that has developed since the print version went to press.

RR: A lot obviously goes into the build? 

MC: We strip down every page design to its individual layers and work out how best to present it as a single screen mobile experience, how to redesign it if need be, and what other assets and media we can enhance it with. This is a totally bespoke process and is unique from client to client, magazine to magazine, page to page.

RR: What do you hope a reader takes from engaging via this specific digital platform?  

MC: Our features are seamlessly built into the content in intuitive ways that enhance without disturbing, so ultimately we hope the reader takes away what the magazine intended — just enhanced with more content, bigger, richer, and more fun.

The free to download version of the winter issue is available on the App Store and Google Play. 


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