Sink to new depths with this underwater drone

Featuring many of the best features of an aerial drone, but with a few surprise-and-delight add-ons all of its own.

By Bennett Ring 18/08/2017

Ever wanted to explore the deep blue sea, but find the thought of cold, salty water unappealing? Enter the PowerRay, an underwater drone that delivers the joys of underwater journeying without a wetsuit in sight.

Launching in Australia in August at around $2000, this briefcase-sized submarine is attached via a 50-metre tether to the controller and can dive to depths of 30 metres. A built-in 4K UHD camera with wide-angle lens can take beautiful high-resolution images, or capture 4K video at 25 frames per second, while the LED lighting system ensures images are bright and clear.

The PowerRay can be controlled via a combination of tablet and joysticks, but a far more thrilling option employs ZEISS VR ONE Plus goggles to allow the user to simply look where they want to go (around $2500 all-up.) The extra $500 or so is a small price for the sensation of actually being in the water, viewing the world in true 3D.

And, come mealtimes, the built-in Powerseeker module uses sonar to find schools of fish; once you’ve found a tasty-looking group, remotely engage the extendible fishing hook with LED lure and latch on to your catch.


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