House of Suntory honours the spirit of Japan in its latest craft gin.

Crafted by Japanese artisans, ROKU Gin blends botanicals to make drinking an immersive experience of seasons.

By Demi Dalton 30/08/2018

ROKU, which translates to six, comprises that number of unique Japanese botanicals cultivated to honour the concept of “shun” – a tradition of enjoying each ingredient at its best. Every element has been harvested at the peak of its seasonal bloom; the six botanicals are then infused, distilled and blended to create a gin that embraces all four seasons.

The botanicals are distilled separately to extract and maintain each unique characteristic. The delicate scent of cherry blossom, for example, has been drawn out through the method of vacuum distillation – a technique of distilling the liquid under reduced pressure, allowing it to boil at a lower temperature than other methods – in stainless steel pot stills.

Combined with eight other traditional gin botanicals, the six Japanese botanicals are the true heroes throughout each stage of the tasting profile. On the nose, expect cherry blossom and green tea to lift floral and sweet aromas from the glass. For taste, a complex yet harmonious marriage of traditional juniper, coriander, cardamom seed with angelica root and seed provide a base, before the Japanese botanical yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit) delivers a silken top note. The finish keeps one thirsty as the crisp Japanese sansho pepper adds a spicy element to an otherwise refreshing drink.

With 14 botanicals, the meticulous care placed in creating a perfect balance between the elements stays true to the spirit of Japanese hospitality Omotenashi. It is more than a craft gin: it is an act of blissful delight in the moment served.

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ROKU Gin 700ml RRP $64.99


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