Five frightening luxury accessories for Friday the 13th

Make a haunting impression with ghostly pieces.

By Robb Report Team 12/07/2018

Whether a spider-web-themed bracelet, a watch decorated with skulls, or a writing instrument that pays tribute to slasher-film icon Jason, the right spooky accessory can indulge your penchant for the provocative while maintaining a dignified sense of style.

Possessed by the spirit of Friday the 13th, the team at Robb Report has compiled a selection of ghostly adornments that are sure to leave a haunting impression.


A wonderfully frightful office adornment, the MB&F Arachnophobia desk clock drew inspiration from the Maman series of giant and supremely unsettling spider sculptures by French artist Louise Bourgeois.

The clock’s timekeeping display forms the spider’s abdomen, while the open-works movement acts as its head. For even more dynamic scares, the clock can be mounted on a wall in more lifelike poses. Constructed from brass, Arachnophobia is available with either a black-palladium finish or 18-karat gold plating. (


New York–based jewellery house Amedeo conjures hand-carved cameos that spotlight haunting subjects, from coiled snakes to ghost Samurais. (


HYT adds an eerie element to its series of innovative fluid-based timepieces with the Skull Collection. The centre of the watch’s dial is dominated by a stark, imposing skull encircled by a 1mm thick tube containing a brightly coloured liquid.

As time passes, the liquid slowly moves clockwise around the skull until it reaches the six o’clock mark, at which point the bellows driving the flow reverse their direction, sending the liquid back to its starting point. The Skull Collection watches are available with either red or green fluid. (

Stephen Webster

Inspired by the mysterious, nocturnal cousin of the butterfly, the bat moth, Stephen Webster’s Fly by Night collection offers an elegant 18-karat white-gold and diamond pendant necklace; dramatic, winged, black-hematite and white-diamond earrings; and a colourful 18-karat rose-gold ring with black diamonds and rubies. (

Lucie Haskett-Brem

Painstakingly fashioned from fine chains of silver and 18-karat gold at the artist’s studio in Lucerne, Switzerland, the beguiling designs of Lucie Haskett-Brem weave intricate spider webs. Known as “The Gold Weaver,” she invents creations informed by extensive goldsmith training and tireless commitment to impeccable works of art.


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