Living Large: These Five ‘Fat’ Furnishings Will Give Your Home Some Heft

Consider this our case for a fat and happy home.

By Helena Madden 11/11/2019

Sure, your coffee table could stand to lose a few kilos, but that extra weight is not such a bad thing. A far cry from the slender metals of minimalism yore, “fat” furnishings have plopped themselves in many an upscale residence this year, characterised by a pudgy silhouette, curved edges and tubular appendages. Who’s to thank for the big new trend? Faye Toogood and her “Roly-Poly” chair (2014) for one, and Pierre Yovanovitch’s “Papa Bear” armchair (2017) for another—both of which have witnessed overwhelming success since their sketchings.

Fine and great for a showcase or two, but how in blazes does one place these in a living room without risking comparison to Pee-wee’s Playhouse? Funnily enough, aesthetic nirvana hinges on a happy marriage with minimalist work, and Justin Donnelly of design duo Jumbo cautions against filling the entire room with “bright, overstuffed, glossy” items. “I pair sculptural furniture with thin-diameter steel pieces in my own home,” he says. “They play really well in the sandbox together.” Here, a few of our chunkier favourites—consider clipping one or two for your next redesign, rather than all five at once.

OOO Floor Lamp by Eny Lee Parker

OOO Floor Lamp

Photo: Courtesy of Eny Lee Parker

With a reputation for bending ceramic into Seussian shapes, Eny Lee Parker’s OOO floor lamp reimagines what lighting can look like. Rather than slender and inconspicuous, OOO makes a boisterous, forest-green statement—its lumps and bumps indicative of Parker’s hands-on approach to clay.

BUY NOW: $7,200

Set No. 5 Cocktail Table by Müsing-Sellés

Müsing-Sellés No. 5 cocktail table (left)

Photo: Courtesy of Müsing-Sellés

A design collaboration between two architects, Müsing-Sellés cocktail table fastens elephantine legs to the conventional side table. Made of plywood and finished with a gradient gloss, the moody colours serve as a welcome antithesis to the piece’s chunky, lighthearted design.

BUY NOW: $3,450

Blue Red Blowing Armchair 3 by Seungjin Yang

Blue Red Blowing Armchair 3 by Seungjin Yang

Photo: Courtesy of The Future Perfect

Yes, this chair is made of real balloons. Seungjin Yang wanted to make the party favourite sculptural, so the Korean artist covered a batch in multiple coats of resin, rendering them both solid and suitable for sitting. The treatment also made this chair glossy; the balloons’ naturally bulbous shapes gives it some built-in heft.

BUY NOW: $8,125

Tube Chair by Objects of Common Interest

Tube Chair

Photography by Charlie Schuck

Objects of Common Interest’s tube chair is the only bean bag-adjacent furniture you’ll ever need. The Athens-based studio created an oversized foam and fabric seat with room for two. And yes, it is as comfy as it looks.

BUY NOW: $8,500

Dito Rosso Armchair by Ayala Serfaty

Ayala Serfaty red chair

Photography by Elad Sarig

Ayala Serfaty’s armchair isn’t as overtly chunky as the rest, but its rolls and rounded façade earn it a spot on this list regardless. Inspired by sear rocks and coral, the silk wool seat is a sumptuous piece of furniture-turned-artwork.

BUY NOW: $25,000


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