Introducing Trudon’s Reed Diffusers

The fastest, most stylish way to refresh the home.

By Justin Fenner 06/08/2021

One of the drawbacks of spending so much time at home is that you eventually become noseblind to how your surroundings smell.

After close to a year and a half of cooking, eating and exercising in the same space, you might look at this phenomenon, clinically known as olfactory fatigue, as a blessing. The only way to break out of it is to get out of the house—and with some portion of the population returning to work and school in the near future, a lot of us may soon have to confront how our spaces really smell.

It’s why I’m especially grateful that Trudon, the beloved French candle company that’s been in operation since the 1600s, picked 2021 to debut a new line of reed diffusers. Available in six of the brand’s best-selling fragrances, the diffusers are packed into the same green glass that’s used to house the candles. In a nod to sustainability, they’re refillable, and each is capped with a recycled aluminium ring that you can use to screw a stopper in place for safe transport.

Trudon's new line of reed diffusers

Trudon’s reed diffusers are designed to fill your home with fragrance for up to four months. Trudon

The diffusers are shipped with eight rattan reeds that you can use to customise the intensity of the fragrance in your space. After getting my shipment on a recent afternoon (I chose Ernesto, a leather and tobacco scent), I dunked all eight into the oil and placed the diffuser at the far corner of my living room. Within about half an hour, I could smell the scent throughout the room, and by the end of the evening, it had wafted its way throughout the rest of my home.

In fact, if there’s one drawback to the diffusers, it’s their sheer efficacy. While they’re not overpowering, these diffusers are very good at their intended purpose, and I’d advise anyone who gets one to start with four reeds and build up, rather than opening with the whole kit and caboodle.

Each 350ml diffuser will set you back $299, and refills (oil and reeds included) are $110 apiece. It’s a small price to pay considering Trudon estimates they’ll fill your home with scent for up to four months. Which means if you order one now, you’ll be getting compliments from guests well into the holiday season.



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