The World’s First Rotating Bed Will Give You 360-Degree Views of Your Bedroom for $448,000

You spin me right ‘round, baby.

By Rachel Cormack 13/07/2019

Luxury British brand Savoir is renowned for creating high-end beds—even gracing art galleries with its custom designs—but its latest model is bringing a touch of Vegas to your bedroom. Meet the circular Three Sixty leather bed—which, you guessed it, rotates a full 360 degrees.

Despite the slightly shagadelic Austin Powers vibe, the turntable technology is more than just a novelty with this model. The Three Sixty’s mechanized rotation allows sleepers to select a view of the room without leaving the comfort of bed. Want to get a better look at the TV or that picturesque view from your bungalow? You can easily pivot via the concealed turntable which can be controlled by an app or the buttons situated on the headboard. Best of all, the movement barely makes a sound. The bed also features reading lights and USB power outlets. So you have very little reason to leave your warm cocoon—just rotate to the delivery man when he brings you your sushi.

Beyond those bells and whistles, the bed itself boasts all the luxury touches you’d expect from the brand. Smooth leather and Italian Dedar velvet cover the exterior, which is anchored by a regal bird’s-eye-maple curved headboard. Not to be outdone by its more conventional square siblings, the circular mattress delivers the brand’s signature cushioning throughout—a feat achieved by eight-way hand-corded springs, and precision hand-slipping and tufting. As a finishing touch, the HKy topper is made from the fleece of Mongolian yaks—a super rare fibre is as soft as cashmere, warmer than wool, and naturally resistant to water and odors. And, if you want to customise your look, everything from the wood veneer trim to the upholstery color and level of mattress support can be altered. According to the Telegraph, the original version, made for the client’s chateau, came with an integrated fridge.

“We’ve worked with a selection of leading experts to ensure every element of The Three Sixty is exquisite. From renowned leather artist Bill Amberg, to deliver the finest leather stitching, to the world’s leading creator of bespoke turntable technology to produce a movement that is exquisitely smooth and soundless,” the managing director at Savoir Alistair Hughes said in a release.

The Three Sixty is available exclusively through Harrods and priced at $448,000 (£250,000), which may send you into an entirely different kind of spin.


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