These Smart Glasses Are A Mini Computer For Your Head

The frames ensure your work is never out of sight.

By Rachel Cormack 23/03/2022

Glasses have evolved drastically since the 13th century—to the point that we could have a pair with the capabilities of a computer as soon as next year.

That’s all thanks to Nimo Planet. The fledgling tech outfit, which is based out of India, has just unveiled some futuristic new smart glasses that are essentially a mini PC for your head designed to help you work from anywhere.

Christened Nimo, the new specs are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon XR1 processor and feature dual 720p displays on the edge of each lens. This creates the virtual equivalent of a 127cm computer screen, as reported by WIRED. There are no cameras, speakers or fancy augmented reality mechanics because the company is focused more on creating a next-gen workspace employees can access on the go.

The Nimo Smart Glasses are like a mini-computer

Nimo features dual 720p displays on the edge of each lens.

The glasses can support thousands of productivity apps designed for Android and Web operating systems. (Think Microsoft Word or Slack, rather than complex creative software like Adobe Photoshop.) Furthermore, the wearer will be able to switch between up to six different screens, apps or widgets at will with a right-click or turn of the head. You could quickly check your calendar then return to finish a PowerPoint, for instance.

Nimo Smart Glasses

The glasses can support thousands of productivity apps.

The glasses can connect to Bluetooth, which means you can pair a keyboard or mouse to increase your productivity even more. You can also hook them up to WiFi or a Mobile Hotspot to receive and send data.

Nimo Smart Glasses

Nimo can connect to Bluetooth and WiFi.

Regarding juice, a pair of Nimos can run for around two-and-a-half hours straight on a single charge. The carrying case pulls double duty as a charging station with a built-in battery and is not dissimilar to a wireless earbud case.

As you might expect, these are not the most stylish frames. The beta version has quite chunky arms and tips the scales around 120 grams, though the final product is expected to weigh around 90 grams and look a little more refined. The glasses also have adjustable hinges to cater to an array of head sizes.

Nimo Smart Glasses

The beta version tips the scales around 120 grams.

The specs will set you back approx. $1080 but you can reserve a pair for a mere $25 via the Nimo Planet website.

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