The Allure Of Your Own Luxury Cinema

Elevate the at-home viewing experience this holiday season.

By Sponsored Content 16/12/2021

The pandemic has rapidly transformed the consumption of media, with home entertainment on a firm accent and audiences eagerly embracing an opportunity to run exclusive domestic screenings.

Creating a luxury private cinema is increasingly enticing — offering an experience framed by personalisation as one looks to sink into a reclining seat and embrace the layered colours and movement of a large projector screen, world-class surround sound, the finest projector technology and some favourite snack (without the queues and other distractions).

Naturally, the optimal experience is achieved by investing in high-quality components that provide thrills that go beyond a commercial cinema experience.

Here, everything you need for a luxury home cinema, except popcorn.

Stewart Filmscreen Vistascope

Stewart Filmscreen Vistascope.

Stewart projection screens are used by the Oscar’s, Grammy’s, Sony Film, Warner Bros and NASA. The unique U.S. manufacturer engineers its surfaces with an optical coating to suit a range of different applications and environments.

With a potential image width of 5.5m and larger for custom applications, Stewart Filmscreen’s VistaScope offers perfectly framed images for all cinematic content.

VistaScope presents a native 2.40:1 aspect ratio (or wider, upon request) and will deliver any smaller aspect ratio through independent, digitally controlled, memory equipped masking elements. All masking panels feature crisp, leading edges and are constructed with specifically chosen super black and super acoustically transparent fabrics.

With this constant height, multi-aspect viewing experience, there is no vacant screen or black bar offering a more immersive experience. VistaScope also has the capability to store up to 24 aspect ratios.

From approximately $42,000.

Barco Freya 3 Chip 4K DLP Laser Projector

Barco Freya 3 Chip 4K DLP Laser Projector

Investing in a world-class, immersive projector is equally important. Laser projection is future-ready and has many different benefits such as sharp imagery, optimised picture quality, no lamp replacements and energy efficiency.

Those new to laser light sources will come to realise the technology doesn’t just last longer, the provided performance is more consistent over time. Whilst the cost of a laser projector is higher than a lamp projector, the total cost of ownership proves lower given the expectant, extended lifespan of the laser.

Barco’s Freya 4K DCI DLP (Digital Light Processing) features the latest native 4K DLP chipsets combined with an exclusive RGB laser light source. Only Barco’s highest quality lenses are incorporated and it provides a powerhouse of brightness to maximise the latest 4K HDR content with world-class leading ANSI contrast. The Barco Freya delivers unsurpassed DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) images and is the perfect solution for an exceptional home cinema.

From $169,000.

Bowers & Wilkins CT700 Series Cinema Range

Bowers & Wilkins CT700 Series Cinema Range.

Bowers & Wilkins speakers are a standout choice for home cinemas.  From detail to dynamics, pinpoint accuracy to a seamless enveloping sound field – the British audiophile offers an excellent range that can elevate any home cinema.

The brand has transferred its long history of sound innovation (B&W a partner of  London’s Abbey Road Studios, among others) to its dedicated home cinema range, including the CT700 series – able to provide a memorable experience able to reproduce a smooth sound devoid of harshness.

From $1,999 per speaker. 



Trinnov Altitude 16 Home Theatre PreAmp/Controller

Trinnov Altitude 16 Home Theatre Preamp/Controller. (Above)

For those who want the most impressive cinema experience at home, an audio processor with multi-channel power will ensure the sound travels the room in the most immersive and realistic way.

And the best remains Trinnov – which delivers the best Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and Auro 3D experiences.

Trinnov Amplitude 16 Channel Power Amplifier. (Above)

Trinnov’s founders began researching high spatial resolution audio 20 years ago, before today’s immersive audio formats were conceived. Today, the French manufacturer is advancing audio performance in homes, studios and commercial cinemas around the world with its renowned loudspeaker/room Optimiser and other priority technologies that are protected by over 50 international patents.

With over 8500 high-performance global installations, Trinnov’s unique hardware and software platform virtually eliminates obsolescence, with each installation backed by industry-leading remote technical support and which has led to customers that include Technicolor, Fox, BBC, Globo, NHK, Toho & UGC.

The Altitude Preamp / Controller with the Amplitude 16 Power Amp provides 16 discrete channels of extraordinary sound quality with its advanced understanding of 3D sound.

Trinnov Amplitude 16 Channel Power Amplifier from $16,695/ Trinnov Altitude 16 Home Theatre Preamp/Controller from $23,995.


Elite Home Theatre Seats

Elite Home Theatre Seats.

Another benefit of your own home cinema is the potential to add personal touches to your space.  Whilst some may prefer a timeless, opulent, luxurious feel others may be more inclined to design a more relaxed, informal set up or incorporate a theme. There is a variety of choices when it comes to seating, textures and lighting to create the ideal atmosphere.  Featured here is one of the world’s best custom seats by Elite Home Theatre Seats, hand made in Canada, designed for comfort.

Elite Home Theatre Seats from $6,999.00 per seat.

​Signature Cinemas Room Modelling

Signature Cinemas room modelling as a general guide for a starting room size of 7.5m long x 4.5m wide x 2.7m high ceilings.

While the above details the key hardware needed for an incredibly enjoyable home cinema experience, there remain various additional factors – optimal planning, acoustic design, control system, surfaces, aesthetics and technical calculations — required to create the ultimate in design.

As more domestic consumers look to not only mirror, but better, the commercial cinema experience at home, many are increasingly investing in the necessary space and components with the necessary guidance of a well-versed and articulate home cinema expert.​

For more information on the products featured in this article, or to start to build your own bespoke home cinema, head to or call  +612 8006 8882 / +61 403 033 356, with email inquiries to


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