6 Smart Systems For A High-Tech Home Gym

Train smarter not harder with these high-tech home gym systems.

By Charlie Lee 18/05/2020

With Covid-19 avid gym-goers are having to make do with virtual workout sessions. And while working up a sweat is possible with a zoom-call a yoga mat and your own body-weight, for many it doesn’t quite cut it. With that in mind, we have scouted the best high-tech home gym equipment that will not just occupy minimal space, but also come with its own set of ever-changing workouts to suit your needs.

Here, six sleek systems that won’t stick out in your stylish abode. Say hello to your new personal trainers.


Price: approx. $2500 and $62 for a digital monthly membership with full access to classes.

What it does: This full-length designer mirror does more than just show your reflection. When turned on, Mirror broadcasts live and on-demand workout classes, from boxing and pilates to yoga and strength training. You can personalise your workouts based on your fitness level, measure your performance, and even opt for one-on-one personal training, where you’ll receive live feedback from your coach via the front-facing camera.


Peloton Tread

Price: from approx. $6670 and $62 for a digital monthly all-access membership.

What it does: As with the Peloton Bike – the cultish, WiFi-enabled stationary two-wheeler that has spun its way to unicorn status and an IPO –Peloton Tread comes with a 32-inch HD touchscreen display for streaming live and prerecorded workouts. Speed and incline are controlled by the knobs at either side of the machine, so you don’t have to struggle with hitting the right buttons on the screen mid-run. The low-impact, shock-absorbing belt, made up of individual rubberised slats, is said to give you a smoother, bouncier spring in your step.




Price: approx. $355

What it does: KettlebellConnect by JaxJox is an adjustable kettlebell that lets you add or drop weights with a touch of a button, effectively replacing (nearly) all your kettlebells at home. There are six different weight options, ranging from five to 19kg. Its built-in sensors will track your movements and upload it on the app – which also provides suggested workouts – for performance tracking. As the KettlebellConnect can work for 14 hours on a single charge, we don’t see you charging it more than twice a month.





Price: approx. $4650, and $76 for a digital monthly membership. Accessories, such as the bar, bench and handles are priced separately.

What it does: Tonal is an AI-powered strength-training system. Made of a vertical screen with built-in adjustable arms, it allows you to do hundreds of resistance exercises with trainers on the screen. It offers up to 90kg of digital weight, and the company’s Coach A.I. tech scans your body as you move, correcting posture and reducing the weights – like your trainer would at the gym – if it feels that you’re struggling or your form is off.



Price: approx. $3095, and $62 a month for access to unlimited Tempo classes.

What it does: This is similar to Tonal, since both are AI-powered. But while Tonal excels in strength and resistance training, Tempo specialises in weightlifting. The machine comes with competition-grade barbells and dumbbells, a mat, heart-rate monitor and foam roller, all of which can be stacked together neatly when not in use. Its built-in 3D light-pulse sensors track your movements and correct your form while recommending weights and counting your reps. During live classes, Tempo’s coaches are also able to correct your movements in real time.


Forme Life

Price: approx. $230 a month for 39 months, which includes both the hardware and content subscription.

What it does: While it is set to launch in Q3 – you can make a pre-order now – think of it as Mirror and Tonal rolled into one, and then more. Forme Life a collaboration between Yves Behar and entrepreneur Trent Ward, streams live and on-demand workouts, tracks and measures performance, and provides personalised guidance. Apart from workouts, it’ll also offer meditation and wellness regimens.



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