Pantheone Audio’s Stylish Sculptural Sound System

Australian company Pantheone Audio unveil their first sound system.

By Terry Christodoulou 01/04/2020

Tech is no longer simply ‘tech’. Because today it’s about integration as it informs all areas of life.

Sydney-based Pantheone Audio explores this with its impressive debut loudspeaker – the Pantheone I a curved, sculptural looking ornament that its designers believe to be a combination of “sound, form and art.”

Product design meant years and a team of international specialists overseen by Creative Director Anne-Claire Bottos – whose CV impressively lists the likes of LVMH, Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy.

Bottos states that the four-year journey was driven by a desire to create something of a handcrafted quality that stands unique in market.

“We wanted a speaker that can fill a space with the perfect acoustics whilst simultaneously co-existing with its surroundings. We believe this speaker is unlike any that has come before it, bringing together superior sound whilst also being visually striking in any setting,” says Bottos.

This is not to say its style over substance – far from it – with the symmetrical design of the Pantheone I informing function and a desire to equally disperse crystal clear audio lapping 360-degrees. This is ultimately achieved via a series of subwoofers, two Hi-Fi mid-range drivers and four tweeters.

Pantheone One

Matching all the stereo-brawn is a rather impressive brain boasting Amazon Alexa functionality and a Pantheone app allowing remote operations and easy pairing.

The Pantheone I will be available for delivery from April 2020 in either a white or black colourway, setting you back $3,390.


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