Leica Unveils First 4K Ultra-Show-Throw Projector

The JMGO O1 Pro projector can produce a 250cm image from just 23cm away.

By Bryan Hood 30/04/2021

Leica, famous for its high-end photography equipment, is branching out—to the world of home entertainment.

The famed camera maker has collaborated with JMGO on the new O1 Pro ultra-short-throw LED projector. Despite its relatively compact size, the device is powerful enough to fill a wall with a giant, high-definition image from less than a foot away.

Short-throw projectors have become popular in recent years and with good reason. Unlike a normal projector that needs to be placed behind the viewing area or mounted on the ceiling, a short-throw version just needs to be placed on the floor a foot or two away from the wall or screen where the image will be projected.

This is especially true of the O1 Pro. The projector, which is said to be the result of a full year of “intense collaboration” between the two companies, produces an image that measures 250cm diagonally from just 23cm away, at a throw ratio of 0.21:1, according to a press release. For comparison, that’s nearly 20 per cent better than the impressive Hisense L5 Laser TV projector, which needs 29cm of space to do the same. This kind of performance makes it a good solution for home theatre setups where space may be at a premium.

The O1 Pro’s image isn’t just big, though, it’s also high quality. Resolution is 1,920 x 1,080p, and 4K input will be supported, according to New Atlas. The device also features built-in dual speakers from Dynaudio that support Dolby Audio and DTS, so it should sound fantastic as well. If you don’t already have a surround system for your home theatre, these should be more than up for the task. The projector will also have JMGO’s Luna operating system, which features Amazon Alexa voice control, as well as Bluetooth and HDMI connectivity.

The JMGO O1 Pro has already launched in China, but the company plans to start selling it internationally starting this summer. Pricing has yet to be announced, but an Indiegogo page has already been set up with the promise of more info soon. If you have a small room in your home or apartment you’ve been thinking about turning into your own personal theatre, now you know where to start.


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