Four Personalised Planks For The Ski Season Ahead

Be it groomed runs or powder bowls — you’ll need skis that carve and bring out your best.

By Robb Report 01/06/2020

The southern hemisphere snow season is now locked in, with the confirmed reopening of NSW and Victorian ski fields later this month – time, then, to grab the perfect set of planks. Be it groomed runs or powder bowls, you’ll need skis that carve and bring out your best, and it doesn’t hurt if they happen to look good — easily done when you’re riding a set of customs from these standout operators.



WhiteRoom Skis

  After ski savant Vin Faraci’s own handmade boards were all the buzz at lift lines, he started creating custom skis on request in 2013. Based in northern Vermont, WhiteRoom Skis is a one-man operation that specialises in cores made primarily from locally sourced wood and one-of-a-kind topsheets with intricate inlays. Faraci usually produces only 12 to 15 pairs—starting at approx. $1400—every year, reflecting his priorities: “I don’t want to be building skis when I should actually be skiing.”

Folsom Custom Skis

Folsom Ski

After a consultation with Denver-based Folsom Custom Skis, the crew will construct skis that factor in the overall shape, tail, camber and rocker right for you, usually within two to four weeks. Starting at approx. $1900, each pair features a core made from various blends of poplar, maple and bamboo and a specific composite lay-up in varying percentages of fibreglass and carbon, depending on your preferred terrain and conditions. A lightweight, all-carbon option is also available.

Romp Skis

Started in a garage by brothers Morgan and Caleb Weinberg in 2010, Romp has quickly gained acclaim for its custom skis. After you call (or fill out an online form) and are interviewed by a Romp expert, the team will handcraft the fully custom planks to your precise needs—whether you know them or not. Make sure to tick the ‘Countervail’ option, as it replaces fibreglass with carbon-fibre construction and includes patented carbon-fibre, vibration-cancelling material that helps dampen the shakes on icier hills.

Parlor Custom Skis

Located in Boston, this company gets its name from the former funeral parlour where the three founding friends first set up shop. But don’t let that deter you. Parlor not only handcrafts and tailors every piece to your unique skier profile, but also offers the option to experience the process hands-on through its build class. During the two- to three-day course, clients will help with every aspect, from bases to topsheet to sanding the side walls. The total cost of approx. $2575 includes the fitting, instruction, skis and even what they feed you while working.


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