Five Stylish Workout Machines

Turn your morning cardio session into an art form.

By Helena Madden 26/04/2021

These days, many people who previously went to the gym to get a good workout have opted for at-home alternatives. Sounds like an easy enough solution—until you start shopping for gym equipment and realise that, no matter what exercise bike or rowing machine you buy, it’ll take up way too much space, and look pretty unappealing while doing it. Hence why most opt to turn their basement into a fitness room. That way, all of the bulky equipment can be kept in one place, and it won’t disrupt a living room or lounge’s aesthetic flow.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Some fitness gear incorporates luxe materials like leather, oak and crystal. Others are distinctly minimalist, so they’re smartly designed to take up less space in a larger room. Here, a closer look at five of our favourite workout machines that prioritise both style and substance.

Ciclotte Teckell, Ciclotte


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