Building The Ultimate Home Cinema

Everything you need for an unparalleled and elevated cinematic experience.

By Sponsored Content 06/10/2021

Do you own a home cinema? Well, you should — especially given a certain Mr Bond will soon be shaking the streaming services and available to purchase for a home experience like no other.

In recent years the opportunity to create — and curate — a personal cinematic experience to share with family and friends (also nothing against a solo screening of Apple’s incredible new outing, Foundation) has been elevated to a point that further pushes the local cinema complex to redundancy. The elevation and availability of certain technology, coupled with wares that ultimately bring together and seamlessly align sound, image, atmosphere, and space deliver an immersive modern experience without peer.

But where to start? Together with Signature Cinemas, we’ve outlined how to build the ultimate luxury home cinema set-up.

Screen – Stewart Filmscreen ‘Director’s Choice’

All good builds start with a solid foundation. Here, the Stewart Filmscreen ‘Director’s Choice’ is the pinnacle for cinema presentation and the foundation of any good home cinema. With four individually motorised masking panels and a variable masking system, the Director’s Choice offers every aspect ratio imaginable when paired to your choice of projector. Combining clever technology with the world’s finest screen material, the screen is finished in luxurious black Velux covering. From approx. $75,000.


Projector – Barco Projector ‘Thor’

Barco Thor represents the pinnacle of Barco Residential’s projection portfolio. Named after Thor — the hammer-wieldin god of lightning – the projector brings true, direct laser projection to homes for the first time. The projector sees a perfectly designed 15,000-lumen output, while a hermetically sealed 4K DLP engine delivers reality altering levels of immersion for the finest home cinemas. Approx. $495,000


Sound Processor – Trinnov Altitude 32

Sound quality is as important as picture quality in the home cinema and involves thinking about the space, materials and design. One of the most important tools you’ll need is the sound processor. Here, we’ve gone with the Trinnov Altitude 32 from France. Its peerless design means nothing is left to chance —  high-channel count, huge processing power and exclusive patented technologies unleash the full potential of immersive sound, enabling all formats and the widest range of speaker layouts. Approx. $50,000


Speakers – Bowers & Wilkins

Of course, the sound processing needs speakers to emit from. Go for something tried and trusted with the Bowers & Wilkins CT 800 Series – the brand’s custom theatre selection. These British made loudspeakers are engineered to deliver the very best home theatre experience and offer a range of products, power and sizes to suit each space. Approx. $16,000 per speaker.


Lighting – Tovo Lighting

Lighting is an often overlooked essential of the home cinema build. Go for designer lighting by TOVO, an outfit from Sydney’s northern beaches that offers a range of lighting solutions including ceiling recessed, ceiling-mounted, joinery, strip lighting and more. We love this example of custom lounges, cherry red acoustic panels and designer lighting by TOVO. POA.

Seating – Elite Home Theatre Seats

Seating selection and design is key to any home cinema design and understanding the space and your ideal vision is the perfect place to start. Elevate your line of sight, aesthetics of the room and comfort levels with these seats from Elite Home Theatre. Here, a heady selection of customisable seating options ensure a perfect design for you. Approx. $9,000 per seat.

Atmosphere – Fibre-Optic Star Ceiling

A further complement to the ambience provided by the lighting and decor of the space, a fibre optic star ceiling can be an awe-inspiring addition to any home cinema. More than a cute gimmick, the effect is actually functional, making the room feel bigger — like gazing into infinite space. Additionally, the soft lighting provided adds warmth and character to the room, supplementary to the lighting design.

What differentiates a great cinema from a good cinema is attention to detail during the design, pre-planning and construction stage to optimise the cinematic experience. Engineering the room acoustically and creating an appropriate interior design will elevate the performance of the cinema to another level. A final calibration and tuning of both the audio and video upon completion will ensure that the cinema not only reaches its full potential but also outperforms most commercial cinemas – all within the comfort of your own home – an escape.

For more information on the products in this article, or want to start building your own bespoke home cinema solution, head to, call  + 612 8006 8882 / +61 403 033 356  or email inquiries to

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