5 Stylish Workout Machines

Turn that home workout into an art form.

By Helena Madden 23/12/2021

The Studio Lift,  Forme Life

Much can be said for the specs of this sleek piece of tech as well as its style pedigree. It has a touchscreen, a 4K display, voice control and a bevy of virtual trainers at your beck and call who will instruct in everything from yoga to boxing. But what you’ll appreciate most is that it all comes in one straightforward, elegant package (with two cable arms attached). It’s the brainchild of Swiss industrial designer Yves Béhar, who has lent his creative talent to projects as diverse as a juicer and an underwater research station. The Studio Lift is multipurpose, too. Shut the thing off, and it looks like any other full-length mirror where you can admire those toned guns. (Above).

Approx. $5,980; formelife.com

Ciclotte Teckell, Ciclotte

It looks like a souped-up unicycle, but hey, that’s more than most spin bikes can say in terms of aesthetics. Ciclotte’s latest edition is the only exercise bicycle made of crystal, so it resembles a seemingly infusible ice sculpture (with what looks like dino horns attached) when not in use. Naturally, such a unique piece is the result of two Italian design houses, not just one: Ciclotte teamed up with foosball-table maker Teckell for the project.

Starting at approx. $19,800; ciclotte.com

Raxa, Pent

Kickboxing is hard-core, fitness-wise, but it requires some heavy-duty equipment. The Pent punching bag resembles a svelte leather midcentury-modern floor lamp, one you can beat to a pulp whenever you want. Even the bag’s filling—castaway leather scraps—is suitably upscale (as well as sustainable). Blowing off steam doesn’t get much better-looking than this.

Approx. $1,840; pentfitness.com

Rower, Hydrow

At-home rowing machines are a tall order, namely because, well, how to put this: your house isn’t a lake. Some ergs emulate the on-the-water experience better than others, though. Hydrow has a touchscreen that displays whatever vista you’re virtually slicing through and an electromagnetic drag mechanism that works all your muscles. Plus its sleek L-shaped profile serves as a welcome antithesis to the many
other bulkier models out there.

Approx. $2,990; hydrow.com

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