This New Bed Comes With a Built-in 70-Inch TV Screen to Make Your Binge-Watching Cinematic

Hi-Interiors’ HiBed comes equipped with an HD projector, 70-inch screen, built-in surround sound system and invisible speakers.

By Bryan Hood 22/08/2019

Why Netflix ‘n’ chill from your living room when you can cozy up in bed and still get a full theater experience? That’s the question a new Italian furniture company wants to answer with a new high-tech bed tailor-made for your next binge.

Sure, viewers have been able to binge wherever they want for years now, thanks to laptops, tablets and smartphones, but a new smart bed by Hi-Interiors ensures that you won’t have to sacrifice the cinematic experience to watch the latest season of Succession from underneath the blankets. Dubbed the HiBed, this new frame comes equipped with a 70-inch “theatre” screen, an HD projector and built-in surround-sound system and invisible speakers. It’s also able to connect to the internet via WiFi, allowing users to stream whatever they want from Netflix, Hulu or Stan.

But the HiBed is about more than just being able to catch up on Chernobyl, Mindhunter or The Handmaid’s Tale in comfort. The company calls the smart bed a “contemporary cocoon,” and have loaded it with state-of-the-art tech that aims to give users more control than ever over wellness and health monitoring. These features include dimmable lights, motorized blackout curtains, voice control and a “personalised concierge service” that will start the day with users, delivering information about their schedule, the weather and traffic. The HiBed also monitors users’ movements and adjusts the temperature to their liking.

“We dream of a world in which our living space will listen to us more and more and will be the key to our well-being, becoming our next and ultimate walk-in smart device,” Hi-Interiors founders Ivan and Gianni Tallarico said in a press release.

The HiBed will cost €12,500 (about $20,500) when it goes on sale next year. In the meantime, the company is currently accepting pre-orders for the smart bed now. Check out more photos below:


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