Julia Zaltsmann.

This 136-Foot Superyacht Is Painted Entirely in 24-Karat-Gold Dust

The owner of the sleek Palmer Johnson wanted to make his vessel sparkle.

By Julia Zaltsmann


This 52-Metre Superyacht Has A Duo Of Mosaic-Lined Plunge Pools

Equipped with three galleys, this hybrid electric-diesel superyacht was commissioned by an owner who loves to cook.

By Julia Zaltsmann


This 105-Metre Superyacht Looks Like A Bird Of Prey

Soar’s curvy exterior and pointed bow take their cues from the power and elegance of large birds of prey.

By Julia Zaltsmann


The 10 Best Superyachts To Charter In Europe [2022]

The Med is this year’s playground of choice.

By Julia Zaltsmann


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