Five extraordinary pieces from avante garde artists

The 5th-annual Collective Design fair was hosted in New York, showcasing some of the most creative talents in the jewellery world.

By Carolyn Meers 15/05/2017

The 5th-annual Collective Design fair was hosted in New York from the 3rd to the 8th of May, and spotlighted dozens of modern artisans who have applied their creative talents to jewellery. Here, we highlight five unforgettable pieces that appeared at the five-day fair in New York's Skylight Clarkson Square.

Carlos Cruz-Diez

Cruz-Diez, a Venezuelan optical artist who specializes in immersive, colour-saturated installations, will debut one of his special jewellery designs via Paris's Gallerie MiniMasterpiece at the New York Collective Design fair.

Called Chromfinger, the red, purple, and green ring, $US13,000 (about $A17,600), is an enthralling arrangement of petite porcelain panels pressed together to create an accordion of bold colour. (

Märta Mattsson

Born in Stockholm, Mattsson is an alumnus of Tokyo's Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery and the Royal College of Art in London. Her eclectic education is reflected beautifully in these two whimsical necklaces; each is made with ribbon and adorned with delicate parchment blossoms, $US2000 to $US6000 (about $A2700 to $A8130).

Both will be brought to the fair by the Sienna Patti gallery, which is based in Lenox, Massachusetts. (

Jennifer Trask

American artist Jennifer Trask's disarming designs combine earthy and elegant elements. Her latest works include a necklace that joins strings of Tahitian, freshwater, and cultured pearls with a piece of found animal bone using 18-karat-gold details, $US10,000 to $US15,000 (about $A13,550 to $A20,300).

Trask's new brooch, Off-Kilter, $US3000 to $US6000 (about $A4060 to $A8130), combines shells, coral, and resin carved with blossoms; the result is an extraordinary, highly textured piece that is at once peculiar and precious. New Jersey's Gallery Loupe will host Trask's designs at this year's fair. (


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