Best Winter Fragrances

See through the dreariness with these luxury fragrances.

By Terry Christodoulou 15/07/2021

Aesop – Miraceti

Part of the trio of new fragrances released by Aesop, Miraceti arrives with earthy, woody notes filled with resin and spice. Here, incense arrives with noes of ambrette and styrax forming the body of the perfume while labdanum and hints of a whisky filled cellar come into play.


50ml, $220;


Amouage – Boundless

The Omani fragrance house Amouage is known predominantly for its use of oud and high-quality perfume oils. It should then be no surprise that its latest fragrance, Boundless, delivers another woody, spicy perfume with notes of warm cinnamon leaf, cardamom and blood orange.

Elsewhere ginger and a myrrh resinoid and tobacco leaves provide the heart of the fragrance.  The base sees a combination of tobacco, papyrus, frankincense and vetiver oils to provide a bold, woody platform for the fragrance.


100ml, $459;



Penhaligons –  Inimitable William Penhaligon

It’s a winter fragrance list – so there’s plenty of woody fragrances filling this list. However, this offering from Penhaligons arrives with a cleaner – fresher take on the men’s grooming staple. Here, top notes are brighter with openings of bergamot and jasmine before classic notes of vetiver, cedar sandalwood and ambroxan fuse together for a classic, chic winter fragrance.



75ml, $399;

Jo Malone  – Myrrh & Tonka

 A softer, powdery addition to this list, Jo Malone’s Myrrh and Tonka balances perfectly the sweet tones of the Tonka bean against the warmth of Myrrh. The sweet addition to the discerning man’s cologne cabinet, the fragrance sees lavender, vanilla and almond round out the offering.


100ml, $270;


Goldfield & Banks – Silky Woods

 New from the Australian outfit is a unisex fragrance that combines the spice of cinnamon and saffron against notes of suede, oud ylang-ylang and jasmine. Amplifying the perfumes sexiness is the balance of vanilla, sandalwood, tobacco leaf and musk for a seductive – dare we say silky – finish.

100ml; $299;



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