This Wood-Fired Hot Tub Is Making Soaking Chic Again

A hot tub without the plastic.

By Rachel Cormack 06/02/2020

A hot tub is a must at any cabin worth its salt. Thankfully, the hefty plastic tubs of yore, which double as an energy suck and eyesore, may soon have competition from a decidedly more old-school take on soaking.

A British brand has developed a sure-fire way to modernise the traditional jacuzzi with, well, fire. Tubmarine’s new namesake hot tub works just like a wood-fired oven to keep the water nice and toasty while curbing any electricity consumption.

Over the past seven years, Tubmarine founder Chris Galley has worked with the engineers and suppliers throughout the UK and Europe to arrive at the new tub design. The end result is a hot tub that requires absolutely no electricity, heats up in less than two hours and is, Galley claims, easy to maintain.

Tubmarine Hot Tub

Double Exposure Photographic

“Without sounding too sentimental, I designed the tub for my family to spend time in—something that is well designed and that will last,” Galley told Robb Report. “Tubmarine is based around the core values of style, quality and simplicity.”

So, how does it actually work? The tub is a twist on a pre-electric way of heating a vat of water. On the forward-facing side of the Tubmarine there is a chamber that generates heat via a Kirami water heater from Finland. Users first fill the tub, then light the wood burner and keep it topped up with logs. Some stirring is required to mix the hot water with the cold until your optimal soaking temperature has been reached, and then it’s time to jump in. If that sounds like a little too much effort, just remember the money you’ll save on energy bills and your reduced carbon footprint.

Tubmarine Hot Tub

Double Exposure Photographic

Not to be forgotten, the tub also actually looks good. The sleek tub is fashioned from recycled metal and wood, artfully balancing the old with the new—sheets of shiny stainless steel are juxtaposed with warm timber panels.

The Tubmarine comfortably fits four adults and starts at $20,000. For peace of mind, a 25-year warranty is included with purchase. If you’re ready to hop in, you can find out more information on the Tubmarine website.


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