Inflatable boats with more than a touch of Italian style

Fetching to behold, well appointed and highly manoeuvrable, they’re coveted by captains who like to be close to the action.

By Steve Colquhoun 17/01/2017

There are times when a full-size sports cruiser or private yacht might be too bulky, ostentatious or perhaps a tad expensive if used sparingly; meanwhile, an appearance of upward aqua-mobility, immaculate style and luxuriousness are still warranted.

Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) such as those designed by Christian Grande and built by Milan-based firm SACS can be the happy medium. Fetching to behold, well appointed and highly manoeuvrable, they’re also coveted by captains who like to be close to the action.

Lightweight, fast and highly durable, they’re employed by some as a luxury tender for larger craft, while others put them to use as a sporty day boat.

Ideally suited to Australian coastal conditions such as Sydney Harbour and its waterways and the Gold Coast’s waterways, SACS RIBs are sold through SACS Marine Australia in two styles – the Top Class Strider and the Sports Class, both in a variety of shapes and styles. (


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