Zero’s Newest Electric Motorcycle Can Go 323KM On A Single Charge

The company’s latest is the next evolutionary step for last year’s SR/F bike.

By Bryan Hood 24/02/2020

When it comes to electric vehicles, range is just as important as power or speed. After all, what good is going really fast if you’re constantly worried about it running out of juice? California-based motorcycle maker Zero is hoping to quash that worry once and for all with its latest battery-powered bike.

The manufacturer’s latest e-motorcycle, the SR/S, is the next evolutionary step for its flagship SR/F model and features a jaw-dropping city range of 323 kilometres, according to a press release. For comparison, that’s 64km more than its predecessor and 80km more than the upcoming Fuell Flow. Of course, to get that impressive range, you’ll have to use the bike’s optional range-extending “Power Tank.” But even without it, the bike will get you around 260km of city riding per charge, which is none too shabby.

As with all electric vehicles, the SR/S is less efficient when you’re pushing it to the max on the highway, but the bike’s 165-kilometre range (132 without the tank) is nothing to shrug off either. And if you’re the type of rider who likes to mix it up, Zero says you should expect to get 213km per charge with the power tank (175 kilometres without).

When you do run out of power, the bike can be charged quickly. The premium model’s 14.4 kWh battery can be refilled from 0 to 95 percent in two hours on a regular charge or as little as one hour with the optional 6 kW “Rapid Charge” option. So, while the bike may not be suited for long-haul riding, those range specs should make it more than adequate for everything else.

The Zero SR/S electric motorcycle

The Zero SR/S electric motorcycle Zero

Of course, the SR/S has more to offer than long rides. Zero’s latest bike has some serious oomph too, with riders privy to 110 horsepower at the flick of a wrist. While it is 9kgs heavier than last year’s SR/F at 226kg—63.5 of which is the high-tech engine itself—the bike can still reach a top speed of 200km/h

Other features include a sportier design, relaxed riding position, the latest Cypher III operating system to handle traction control, braking and charging, along with a digital screen that can show you your trip status.

Zero’s SR/S will make its official debut next week, on February 24, however, news and pricing on the Australian edition are yet to be seen.


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