Distillery’s First Scotch Whisky Sells For $73,000

Nc’nean’s Ainnir Scotch whisky scores a dream debut.

By Terry Christodoulou 19/08/2020

Truly cementing its place in whisky folklore as the Queen of the Spirits – Nc’nean’s debut Scotch whisky has just sold its first ever bottle for approx. $73,000.

The name Nc’nean, is derived Gaelic folklore figure, Neachneohain, a witch, huntress and Queen of the spirits herself.

Founder and CEO Annabel Thomas decided to donate the first 10 bottles of the distillery’s Ainnir Scotch whisky to Whisky Auctioneer – with the special charity lot racking up $168,000 in proceeds to be split across five charities supporting the local community and the UK hospitality industry.

The Ainnir release sees 1320 bottles consisting of five casks – a mix of bourbon and shaved, charred and retoasted wine barriques that are then bottled at cask strength of 60.3%. Beyond the initial 10 bottles reserved for auction, the punchy liquor sold out of its allocation within 36 hours.

The distillery has been in production since 2017 with a focus on sustainability – with the first releases certified as organic, a facility powered by renewables and a 99,9% waste system diverted from landfill. The ‘green’ attitude is reflected in the Ainnir bottles themselves, made from recycled glass.



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